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What an experience!

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Indeed it's one of my most unforgettable experience since my college life! For one factor maybe is that we've been to a comedy bar (kuno?!) here in Dumaguete City. The first of its kind (kuno?!).

Who would have thought that the not-so-planned hang out would leave a lasting impression on me. I hope the others feel the same as well.

I was really expecting much from that comedy bar that BEa keeps on boasting in school. Off we went there and to our surprise, there's nothing special outside the establishment. Not even a signage to make a passerby realize what's inside. It was just a dusted and cheap streamer there (forgive me the term BEa) with the name of the bar.

When we came there, I was already laughing seeing one of the gay performers there re-touching his/her make-up. We even have second thought until Bea went out and told us to get inside. I like it because there's no entrance fee. We just have to order anything and that would be all. I mean the fun would be bottomless!

Bea sang two songs before the "show kuno" started. But before that, my long time missed classmate and friend Jemmy called. Though it was utterly unexpected but I saw Nadine crying heavily before she passed the phone to me and talked with Jemmy. She's really unpredictable!

When the show finally started, Bea made some not-so-funny-trying-hard-jokes-which-at-the -time-was-somewhat-effective-or-I-don't-know (hehe..forgive me Bea). But I should say that it did entertained us.

Anyway, its fun seeing my colleagues whacking out things. I know for a fact that Bea has a crush on Joel (who was also there) so I challenged him/her to play on him. Well I got a good response because BEa urged Joel to come up on stage and the two played the very wholesome game TOUCH THE COLOR.

OMG! I never thought the game could be played that way. Or maybe I just never thought Bea has done what she has done (Joel pod ai!). Once again I have proven how hard is it to earn money. You have to do anything and everything.

The show went smoothly with unpredictable surprises in the middle. You should have seen my teacher and my friend whose skills in writing is unparalleled. That was really a night that one will opt to stay awake.

Which exactly what happened to us right after the supercalifragilisticexpialiduscious (am not sure with the spelling) show. We walked from the place all the way to the freedom park. We were so hungry after so we decided to eat the "pancit guisado" that Joel bought for J-----. (niuna man ug uli ang duha).

You must be thinking we ate it normally right? Nope, we kinda asked one tiny plastic from the nearby burger stand and divided it for more than ten people. After that we voraciously devour the food as if we've never been fed for weeks. (gutom jud au friend)

Then we planned to stay in Ninoy's head until 5 o'clock in the morning (ambot morning naba na), however it rained so we need to find shelter (or somewhere with roof at least so we wont get wet). We ended staying in the stage where dancers used to practice during daytime. It was so dusty and dirty but we slept for a moment. That was my first and my last I believe to sleep in freedom park. (sa stage pa jud).

I got home at almost 5 o'clock and I comfortably slept with smile on my face. Thanks for that one of a kind experience. Thanks for the memories. MCS rocks!

My first

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I don't know what to blog for now since I'm just newly registered, but I will look forward to blogging more if everything goes well. For now, I just want to finish this little introduction.

I don't know if I'm gonna be taking this blog site of mine seriously but I will cross the bridge when I get there. I'll see where my limitations would lead me. I just want to welcome myself!