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What if...?

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I have just watched "The Invention of Lying" which starred Ricky Gervais and my favorite Jennifer Garner. It was a romantic comedy film, but there's nothing more I could really share with you guys regarding the movie--just see for yourself.

I was just struck by the idea or of the situation that was brought to the big screen. What if nobody knows how to lie? What if everybody tells the truth however offensive it may be? What if lying was not discovered? And who discovered it by the way? What if the world is entirely different from the way we know it? Is it possible?

Well I don't have the answer either but I have a hindsight of it. If everyone tells the truth, then probably, many would find this post dull, a complete trash, and other related criticisms. Or, maybe I don't really mean talking about this "lying" crap, rather, I just want to benefit from the end part of this post (ie. to update my blog).

Yeah, we could all become harsh with our words if it's true anyway. We could freely say that one is fat, or thin, or ugly, or incompetent, and so on. Perhaps one could honestly say what he feels towards his opposite sex?

Above all, we will all rejoice because we won't have corrupt politicians. Now that should have been a better Earth, isn't it? However, we all know that this will forever remain a wishful thinking.

Hanggang what if na lang tayo ano?

out of melancholy

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It's at times like this
that I assess the value of my existence

When nothing but a solitary silhouette,
a recorded mellow voice imprisoned in a box
and an undisturbed silence
make up your surrounding

When kins and friends are beyond reach
that you notice every pebble,
hear every cricket,
and consider every attempt to stop breathing

Well, how do you handle,
a fragile and drowning emotion
that's pulling you down to the moist of the earth?

And then a soliloquy...

How was I living...
Is it really a life I'm living...
Is it worth living...

Perhaps, I should get a life first.


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Before anything else, it's good to be posting again after being idle for quite a long time. Well, if we only have internet connection in the office these past days, I should have updated this blog religiously. But thank God I got no calls and by all means I could utilize my time updating this blog while at work. :)

Anyway, just a few more days and we will have to bid farewell to 2009 and welcome another year. But more than our anticipation to the entrance of 2010, another thing we must highly anticipate is the forthcoming presidential elections. Mainly because whatever its outcome becomes, it shall, directly or indirectly, affect not only our individual lives but most especially our entire nation. The outcome of the creeping elections shall determine the fate of us Filipinos. So it is only proper that we should all be participative in choosing the right people that would lead us as the years unfold. And if there's any sector that needs to heed this call seriously, it should be us--the YOUTH.

At this early, I believe that most of us already have bets amongst the presidentiables right? However, I think it is noteworthy that we should set standards for those candidates whom we should be entrusting our votes. I mean this is not the time to just apathetically say "Bahala na si Batman". We cannot afford to be indifferent because we are talking here of our collective future. We should elect a leader whom we believe is apt for the position.

So how do we choose the right leader then? Well, I don't know that much but I think we don't need to ask the soul of the late Ernie Baron just to be enlightened, right? You have to have a solid basis. By saying that, it means you have to track their records, their credentials, personalities, integrity, skills, intelligence, and others. Hindi pwede yung ibubuto mo na lang si ganito kasi feel mo lang. I know it is our Constitutional right to vote, pero kung ganun din lang ang magiging basihan mo sa pagbuto, or worst kung suhol din lang ang basihan mo sa pagbuto, wag na lang.

In this connection, it is vital to watch various presidential forums because they are few of the avenues for us to filter the right people to become our next chief executive. An example of this was the recent Presidential Forum organized by ANC. I don't intend to influence your choice, but lemme just share my views of the said forum after watching it.

Among the presidentiables who participated in the forum, I could cut down my list to only three candidates of which I will include Senators Noynoy, Gordon, and Sec. Gibo. For me, only the three of them standout from the rest of the candidates. Well, I have always considered Noy and Gibo in my list but after watching the forum, I was convinced that Gordon also deserves the position like the two. I won't go elaborating my reasons here, rather I want you guys to see the forum and decide for yourself. Although it shouldn't be the sole basis for our selection, it helps greatly. Again, I'm calling to the electorate, especially to my fellow youth, to participate in the coming elections and vote intelligently.

Cheers for Manny! Cheers for us!

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courtesy of www.pacquiaovideo.com

If I should have to make a new post to update my blog, well the recent very-impressive-TKO-victory of People's Champ Manny 'Pacman' Pacquaio against Puerto Rican welterweight (ex) champion Miguel Cotto is unquestionably the topic to be for any blogger.

Although I have already known Pacman's lopsided victory over Cotto four hours before the super-late-commercial-packed-national-telecast of the historic fight, I couldn't help but set aside my disappointments and just celebrate with the whole Filipino nation for our hero's another achievement. It was just so overwhelming to see not only our countrymen but even foreigners cheering for Manny and rejoicing with us when the latter won. You just can't help but be proud of being a Filipino and savor the moment while our flag was hoisted.

As for Manny, well he's definitely the Pound for Pound king and there's no question to that. He's just amazing whenever he fights--blinding speed, dynamic and powerful punches, and the rest of the characteristics that a world caliber boxer should possess--he's got it all. With everything he's been through during his trainings, he deserves every fame, wealth, and respect that's been showered to him.

His triumph did not only disproved criticisms that he put his boxing career on the backseat because of too many commercials and other commitments he's engaged in showbizness, his latest triumph also meant that whatever disaster that will strike this nation or whatever issues that may seem to divide us we are still solid and united. I hope we should remain united even when Manny retires. I hope.

Congratulations our dear Manny for making a history on your seventh title and thank you for making us proud again. I hope to see the same Manny again fighting against the Pretty boy soon.

A Post For Noriel Bajor Jr.

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(from right to left: Me, Paul Denver Sy, Junrell aka Bong, Jay-Ar aka Bea, and Noriel.)

It has been said that "friends come and go, but for the precious few, you should hold on".

Last time, we surprised him with a despidida party during one of the meetings of the staffers in the publication. And truly, if I may base this from his reaction, he was indeed surprised to hear our special messages and acknowledgments for him. He was even teary eyed.

This post is supposedly for Noriel only but I know that once I get this post published, everyone can read. So I should be introducing him to you. He is Noriel Bajon Jr.--a blogger, a friend, a colleague, an adviser, a very talented guy, a course mate, and a very wonderful person--as in walang masamang tinapay sa kanya and he can wear any hat anytime and he could handle it very well.

He was a sophomore Mascom stude while I was a freshman when I got to know him . However, although we were course mates, we did not become close instantly because he was still a bit timid then, not until we both decided to join in the college student paper. Since then, I saw him transformed into a lively, jolly, and confident individual with overflowing talent and ceaseless energy.

Every time he enters the office and sees the low shoulders of the staffers, just one joke and he would send everyone laughing out loud effortlessly. He is an inborn comedian. But aside from that, what I admire him most is the way he deals with people around him. He is definitely a debonair--a friend to everybody. For four long years that I've known him, I couldn't say anything bad against him.

But just last month, he finally graduated which would also mean he has to leave the publication because a job is also waiting for him in Bacolod. I know he would be a big loss to us, but I understand we all have limited time in the university. Sooner or later, we would all be graduating and leave the publication at once. Anyhow, we know that our friendship is not limited to the publication alone, nor will it end when one leaves. On the other hand, we know that it would be continuous despite the distance and so we are holding to that.

Perhaps I, like everyone else in TN, am not yet accustomed to the thought that he will no longer be there to cheer us, he would no longer be there to perform for us, and he would no longer be there to let me borrow his laptop and play plants vs zombies or watch movies all night.

Bon Voyage! Hapit na pod mi, one more sem to go! :)


As we bid farewell to one of the members of our family in the publication, it is truly never easy especially that he was one good soul and a very wonderful person. But on a positive side, we are happy for him because I know that this is what he wanted. Basta, we will miss you Noh and thank you for everything. Kung idol ko nmo, mas idol tikaw Noh. Godspeed and do well in your career. See you at the big one!

Back to school fever...

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After enjoying a few days of vacation brought about by the semestral break, it's back to school again. It is high time again to hurdle another semester full of school works--assignments, quizzes, projects, etc. It is high time again to get frustrated with our no-show teachers who would teach us nothing with our major subjects.

And speaking of subjects, it's a good thing that my remaining subjects this semester are all major subjects. In other words, no longer will I be worried with my arts subjects because I'm saying goodbye to them all.

I could still remember my tender years in the university where my prospectus is loaded with arts subjects--Social Sciences, Filipino, English, PE, and Math--my least favorite. Modesty aside, although I got high grades with my Math subjects and that I'm proud to say that I learned more in this subject compared to my secondary years, I still don't like this subject much. Perhaps, dealing with numbers isn't just my forte that is why I end up taking Mass Communication.

Nonetheless, I have a feeling I'm not the only one who seem allergic with Mathematics. I would presume that a lot of students also find difficulty with this subject. Well, they could not blame us because Math is Math and you can't argue with that. If you can't understand it then you can't understand it, unless you get a tutor and seek for a little help.

It's absolutely true, maybe you just need a tutor to help you understand the principles of Math especially with your Algebra lessons. However, you may find it awkward also to hire a tutor who is a complete stranger to you and let him/her come to your place. The good news is that, you don't have to stick with this conventional way of tutoring anymore if you find it inconvenient for you.

Like they said, we are now living in what they call 'Computer Age'. Truly, we can now do a lot of things through the help of our computer. Even online tutoring has also become pervasive in the internet today. This means you can now get Algebra help without leaving your computer. Just surf the net and you can find many sites that offer online tutoring. One of these tutoring companies is TutorVista where they offer 24/7 online tutoring.

With this contemporary way of tutoring where you can have it anytime and anywhere so long as you have internet connection, seeking math answers for your math problems or any other math word problems and algebra word problems should now be more convenient for you. Topics such as Quadratic Equations and others should not worry you anymore, thanks to algebra 2 help.

But anyway, I'm just so happy I already passed my college algebra and trigonometry. :)

I want gold!

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If there's anything I want to have in this material world, of course it would be something precious--something as precious as gold maybe. After all, who doesn't want to be rich? Who doesn't want to have more money and live a luxurious life? Anyone?

Well, I just think that gold is one of the biggest tradings anywhere in the world today, which makes it a very good investment for your money. However, since I don't have that riches, I could never invest in gold business, but if I could only dream...

I'd like to have gold jewelry sets, gold faucets, gold coins, etcetera. Like in early civilizations where gold coin has played a vital role in commerce, I'd like to bring back those times where gold coin will be used in lieu of cash trading.

But if you want real gold coins, you can search for websites that sell gold bullion coins. Like in gold coins gain website, you can find various gold bullion online. This may come as a haven for those who want to collect gold bullion coins around the world.

I wish I could also afford that expensive collection. But who knows right?

Happy ba mo...

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Happy Sunday Bloggers!

This ain't the time to emote. I just noticed that my blog posts lately were all sort of mushy. But now, I just feel so positive. I don't know why. Maybe because the sun is up, there's no brownout (we experience brownout almost every Sunday in our place),or perhaps I just feel that this is going to be a happy day for me, really.

Well, whatever it is, I hope it won't go the other way. No. Never. Oh Lord, please don't allow that this positive vibe I'm feeling would turn out to be the opposite of what is going to happen today. I think I should erase, delete, trash, (name your adjective here) that negativity. I started this post with a positive outlook, therefore I should sustain that til this day ends.

Right now, I still have some things I need to finish today so I won't stretch this post anymore. I just want to announce this positive energy I'm having at the moment. I hope it'll be contagious. I hope you are also feeling the same. Bye everyone. It's a sunny Sunday. Enjoy and have a great day. Gob Bless Us Always. Bye for now.

Juan Tamad

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"You can build a shack overnight, but if you want to build a house that can stand against the fury of hurricane or storm, it will take time."
Although I am uncertain if that is the exact sentence, nonetheless I'm sure that the idea expressed in the sentence above is the wisdom that the author of the book, which I've read years ago, is trying to relay to its readers.

We may have different interpretations but this is the way I comprehend it. What the author was saying is that there is no shortcut to anything in this world. You should exert efforts and keep your patience always high. In other words, if you want to own a house you wish to be yours forever, you should work hard so you will have the money to buy it. But if you just want to dwell in it for only a day or two, you can easily rent it because you will only be needing a few bucks, you don't have to work hard.

Now I'd like to apply this principle to the attitude I am possessing at the moment. All this time, I thought I am no longer the same procrastinator I was then, that I'm already a mature responsible person. But look what I'm doing right now. We have many many things to do for our major subjects--articles, exams, documentaries, etc. etc.

All of these have deadlines but I seem not to care at all. I did not even submit an article yet for one of our major subjects while all of my classmates were able to beat the deadline three days ago.

Well, we actually had our news legging and I think my facts would be enough to make a five-page news feature article. But I just can't find the energy or the enthusiasm to do so. It's as if I do not care at all if I'll be given a failing grade. It's as if I do not care to graduate anymore. It's as if...

Actually, this post is supposedly a lengthy one but again, I feel like procrastinating so I will end this piece of crap 'til here only. Sorry for the wasted time. :(

A feeling of guilt...

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Last night, (if I may borrow these words from our EIC) marked another milestone in the annals of the publication’s history. We just had to put an end to the two-month training of the newbies in the publication.

To come up with a sound decision, the editorial board made a deliberation as to who’s going to make it and who’s not. It was not an easy task of course because whatever decision the board makes, it will directly or indirectly affect the motivation or maybe even the life of the newbies. It might even affect their studies, since we are all full time students here, although it totally depends on how they accept it.

And so a painstaking assessment to their performance during their stint in the publication became our solid basis for the decision. There were verbal tussles among the editors which only proved how difficult the tasked put on our shoulders that time. Matter-of-factly, we even had to reminisce how we went into the same process during our fresh months in the institution. Needless to say, we also felt the same amount of trepidation (if I may use it in lieu of nervousness), the same amount of thrill, and the same amount of cold sweats, thus we were utterly sensitive to their feelings. Of course we understand how painful and frustrating it must be for those who won’t make it, but we have to come up with a decision however hard it may be for us, for them.

I always believe that the hardest job in the world is to decide, and again, I have just proven it right last night. After a careful assessment and deliberation, we finally reached a unanimous decision. But our task did not end there for we still have to announce the decision to them.

Before we revealed their verdict, a series of speeches among all the staffers was done first. Then, finally, we heard the words from the newbies. Most of them were nervous, some tried to be confident, some were teary-eyed, and some even burst into tears. Now could you still break the bad news to them?

Nonetheless, we still have to tell them, after all what’s the use of our deliberation? I don’t know how it went so fast, but we were able to tell them in just a few minutes. But after that, the editors all felt the guilt haunting us. We just saw mixed emotions from them. For those who made it, we saw overflowing joy and gratitude, but of course, we also saw disappointment. I just hope that they would understand that our decision and accept it without hard feelings—I just hope because I was not able to sleep well last night. I have been in the publication for three joyful years now, but I’ve never been caught in I what I considered the most awkward situation of my student journalist’s life, until last night.

On a lighter side, I would like to congratulate those newbies who are now officially members of The NORSUnian. I hope you would continue to excel, stay humble, stay responsible, and keep your spirit up. God bless us.

Lab Istori

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Today I just figured that I should end this stupidity
before it devours my sanity.
I have proven time and again that a relationship
whose foundation is as weak as infant and
a relationship that sprung out of lies
and nurtured with lies
will never head a rightful path.
Yet, I continued playing with the game
believing we could work things out.
But what could you expect from a treacherous love affair?
I should not have allowed us to reach this far,
I should not have invested too much,
and I should not have played the game where
we would all be losers hurting at the end.
But what's the use of my blah blah blah
over things that can never be undone?
So the mature thing to do now is to
let go of it at once whilst I still have the courage to lose grip.
Today, I'm putting a quotation to this stupid sentence--a period.
Thank you and GOODBYE!

tv time

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courtesy of google

Right now I still have to hurdle some series of examinations because our finals week is up again. For the time being, I should set aside my leisure time. But after this week, I would be free to do anything again such as watching movies and television shows.

Now if you are a TV addict like me, I bet you would agree that your viewing pleasure would be more enjoyable if you have more channels to choose from especially if it is in High Definition (HD). Surely, it is more fun compared to your ordinary tv shows in local channels right?

In the United States of America for example, where they have Commercial Direct TV, HD channels aren't a problem at all. This is because they offer exclusive programs that you will not get with cable. Plus, in Direct TV for Business, they also offer exclusive sports programming that would surely satisfy your viewing pleasure. Not only that, most of the Direct TV subscribers attested that Direct TV Business helped increase their business. No wonder they more people are satisfied with them than cable.

Man in a cup

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I saw a man
staring at me—not winking
His mind shouting for help
albeit his silence

Align CenterHe’s trapped in a dark smoky world
helpless, exhausted

He’s barring a tear
that’s been peeping in his tired eyes

His soul bathing
in a fathomless river of solitude

He stretched his pale lips
faking a smile
But it only made him
more miserable
His soul wrecked

I’ve never seen a man
with such a dying spirit

I wanted to help
cheer him maybe

But I was bitten by reality
I don’t differ to this man
I ain’t capable of helping
I’m just a reflection of him

This house is as empty as a vacuum
Notwithstanding my presence
I’m just so detached from the world
No one to chat with or cry with
Not even a beep from them
Just a radio

So I continued writing this piece
alongside a black coffee
Every sip is a hope
That its bitterness
Would drown at once
this emotional turmoil

Before I take another gulp
I saw the man again
But now I’ve figured
his identity
I am not his reflection
it’s the other way

Nosebleeding post...

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Pagal ang katawan
Butas ang isipan
Kailangang umusad
Bahala na si Batman
Tila nag-iisip
Mas lalong nilalaliman
Wala namang laman

Mabilis ang lakbay ng diwa
Wala namang patutunguhan
Kahit anu na lang
'Wag lang mabaliw
Malapit na!

Pilit may inaalala
Ayan at natameme na
Ayaw talaga
Walang mapiga
Tigilan na!

Biglang may tumunog
Tulog mantika pa rin si katabi
Di bali na
Hayaan na natin siya
Ayan na naman
Ang kulet talaga!

I wanna be a carpenter...

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photo courtesy of google

Oopps...Lemme correct myself, I don't mean I want to have carpentry as my source of living in the future (although I am not closing my door to the idea). I just want to know a little bit of this craft.

Of course, I am seeing myself as a husband and a father someday, so naturally I am expected to fix the fence or maybe repair some broken cabinets or drawers and all those simple hammering jobs. For God's sake, how will I perform such job when I can't even properly use a hand saw? I am not even sure if I could drill a small hole inside the house or use those simple hand tools myself. Aside from turning a flashlight on and off, what else do I know? (sighs)

Well these are just self-inquiries. I believe it's never too late for me to learn some of these things someday--before I'll start my own family. What about you guys, do you have the same inquiries? Perhaps, we have become so dependent to all these touch or press stuffs we are enjoying in our generation now that we are no longer minding those simple things I've mentioned above. I hate to admit it but I'm guilty of this.


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Di ko lang sure kung last week ba yun, basta sure akong naka-lampas 500 post na siya. Yup, ang katropa kong si Aian e more than 500 blog posts na ang naitala sa kanyang bahay sa blogosperyo. Siyempre, matagal-tagal na rin siya sa pagba-blog.

Kaya naman, naitanong ko rin sa sarili ko kung nakailang posts na ako. Aba naman, mabagal pa pala sa pagong ang aking iniurong dahil pang-singkwenta ko pa lang 'to. At ito pa, sa paghahalungkat ko ng kaban, akalain mong ngayon ko lang din nalaman na isang taon na pala akong umeepal dito sa blogosperyo? Biruin mong since August 2008 pa pala akong miyembro, e parang kelan lang ata yun!

Hay naku, hambilis talagang lumipas ng panahon. Kaya naman, dahil this is going to be my 50th post, I'll take this opportunity to thank everyone na naging bahagi ng aking pagiging blogger. Sa lahat ng bumisita, bumasa, umepal, at sumubaybay sa Alipin ng KaHIRAPan, hisang malaking tEnChu senyong lahat. Salamat sa isang taon na puno ng echus. Sana naman ay humaba pa ang ating samahan dito. Salamat talaga ng marami.

Anyway, dahil nga sa ang post na 'to ay puro pasasalamat, lemme thank the following bloggers whose name I will be mentioning below. Unang-una, tenkyu sa boss naming si Bong na siyang nagtulak sa'min sa bisyo nag-udyok sa'min na magblog. Siyempre sa mga kasamahan ko rin sa kulto publication na halos kasabay kong nagumpisa: kina Marga at Noriel na ngayon lang naligaw ulit sa blogosperyo at sa aking sapantaha ay umiiwas lang na magkaroon ng strike. hehe. Ay, nakalimutan ko nga pala si Dora na kamakailan lang ay sinuspendi ang account dahil sa pangahas na pang-aangkin niyang jowa siya ni John Loy. Toinks! Peace Out Doh!

Magpapasalamat din ako ng maraming-marami kina Manikang Papel na super active nung kakaumpisa ko pa lang, tapos biglang nawala na lang sa sirkulasyon. MP, wereber yu ar, bumalik ka na naman pls. Ganun din kay Ms Dylan na laging libre ang kape tuwing napapadaan ako sa shop niya, hehe. Naku, ito sa pa'ng isang miss din si Ms. Cindyrellaz na alam kong masaya dahil sa kanyang soulmate, tenchu po. Super tEnkYu din kay pareng Mulong na kahit papanu ay umeepal sa mga post kong non-sense. hehe.

Isang bonggang pasasalamat din kina Pusang Gala na originally known as Pusang Kalye at kay Kosa naman na tumangkilik din sa aking blog. Syempre ganun din ang gratefulness ko kay pareng Marco na idol ko dahil sa kanyang mga tula. Thank you po mga kuya.

Speaking of kuya, super tenkyu din kina Master Ron at Sir Pajay na lately ko lang nalaman na best of friends pala in real life. Isa kayo sa mga hinangaan ko when I was new, at patuloy na hinahangan until now. Salamat po.

Ngayon naman sa dalawang babaeng hindi ko lang katropa sa blogosperyo kundi mga kapatid ko nang itinuturing. Kay Ate JOshy at Pres Sis Dee, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for making my stay worthwhile and enjoyable. Ate Joshy, kahit dadalawa lang kami ni Dhianz sa fans club mo, solid naman kami. hehe. Basta, I hope what we have started would still continue in the coming years. Haylabyu both.

Bago ko makalimutan, taos puso din akong magpapasalamat kina Ms Donna, Kcatwoman, Waterbased, Zeb, Jepoy, Ms. Yanah, Prof. Yodz, W.A.I.T at sa lahat ng mga followers at naging followers ko. Ganun din sa lahat ng naging kaibigan at naging bahagi ng blog ko, di ko man kayo mamention lahat, basta sa lahat ng nasa blogroll ko at sa lahat ng nagkomento, salamat talaga ng marami...as in super thank you po.

Hanggang sa susunod na kabanata!

Once again, happy anniversary to my blog!


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Well, right now, the moon yielded to the rising ball of fire. Roosters are alternately responding to their music. Yet, I'm still trap in this artificially aired (is there such a description?) and well lighted room. My eyes are soring. My back is also aching. They need rest but they can't until I get my ass off here. Boredom is hugging me, and devouring my sanity. No music. Just the sound of keyboard while I'm typing. This ain't a music room but a workplace so I should not babble anymore. It won't take long anyway and I can still carry on. This is my life during weekend. It's not hell, but it's definitely not heaven.

Hours from now, I would have to get few hours of sleep. Perhaps, four or five hours would be enough. I need to rise up and perform my obligations. I don't need procrastination - no, not this time. There's just too many tasks I need to be doing, especially in the publication. Editing for the weekly paper, writing articles for the magazines, blah blah blah. I hope nothing would get in the way that would disrupt my attention, else, I would waste time again. This is my life as a student journalist. Tiresome, tedious and exhausting but I'm loving it. It's giving me life. A life I have been proudly living.

Well, the light outside is creeping faster. But, whatever happened to the roosters, I ain't hearing them anymore. I think I have nothing else to say. I'm still bored though so I'm a have to stretch for a while. Good mornight blogosphere!

There's something about 9...

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Today is the 9th day of September 2009. So we would have 09/09/09. So what?
Well, aside from the fact that this perfect date would not happen again, there is nothing more about this post. I just have this observation I want to share.

If we have been keeping ourselves abreast with current events lately, you can easily relate to this post. First, prior to this date, the ill-fated Superferry 9 sank at the seas of Zamboanga. Aboard the ship were more than 9 hundred passengers including children and senior citizens. Although most of them survived the incident, according to reports, there were 9 reported deaths among all the passengers.

So what am I trying to say here? Honestly, I also can't tell. I just can't set aside the number nine above all these. Well i just hope everything was a mere coincidence.

An incoming fete

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Just a few more days, we will be having our college day again in the university. Every department was already told to prepare for the event. If I may base it on last year's merrymaking, I could say that it is going to be a fun activity - I hope it would be this year!

If there is an event like this, various activities and shows will be staged. In our university, for example, canopies are set up on the open courts to house mouth-watering food for the occasion. On the other hand, some of the rooms are used by different organizations to set up their exhibits.

It is at this activity where you can see the creativity of the students just to boast about whatever information about their course. There are even some who would use carpet to their flooring, if not customized floor mats, just to impress not just their co-students but also the administrators and visitors.

I can't wait for the event now. If only I can pull the time.


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Guess whAt?
After almost six months of lying low...
I can't believe I'm here again...
I mean I got the job again...
Never mind the stress and sleepless nights...
Like they said, no pain no gain.

Well that's it!
This post is completely meatless (is there such a term //_' ?)
I just wanna tell you that I'm back taking calls again.
The night is still long.
I have to bear this drowsiness I'm feeling until nine.
That's fine with me.

Good Morning bloggers!

Unable to grOw!

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(ewan ko lang ano relevance ng pic na to sa post ko)

I thought I had changed for the better
But it was a wishful thinking

All this time I thought I am--changed
But people don't believe
Rather, they dissuade me from continued believing

I thought I would be vindicated
But what a fool of me
Man, 'twas a make believe

I acted as if I could cope up,
as if I was getting there--slowly at least
But they are reluctant,
they bar me

What an idiot of me to assume
That wounds were healed
and gaps were bridged
When all this time,
They keep the wounds fresh
And the distance perpetual

Then out of failure I asked myself
How can we all move on?
Or how can we even grow?
When people won't allow you!

Who entertains the entertainer?

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If it is your job to make people laugh
You don't expect them to do just the same for you

For they expect you to entertain them
They don't care who entertains you when you're down

If it is your business to make them happy
You don't have to right to be melancholic

For they expect you to be strong always
Even if you can never be any stronger

If people want you to ease their problems
You'll have to rise from the sickbed and serve them

For they won't care if you're dying
Just set aside yourself and serve them, JUST THEM!

When you are a funnyman
You have to be funny all the time

For you can never entertain people when you cry
Or, perhaps they'll still laugh at you insensibly

People love you when you crack a joke
They don't mind you when you drop a tear

So you'll have to wear a facade sometimes
Or become the other person oftentimes

In a world where people see you ONLY as a CLOWN
They won't make notice of you however you're hurting

For they only befriend you for the smiles
But they haven't really known you at all

That is your life...
Who cares?

Just don't bother yourself my dear
It's all for the laughs cant' you see?

Yellow is the color of love.

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Unlike most of the people who are glued on television yesterday to monitor the funeral procession of former President Cory Aquino, I only had a few glimpse of the well attended cortege of our dear mother of democracy. Nonetheless, I’d like to stress that that doesn’t mean I care less for the woman in yellow whom we owe the freedom we all enjoy now.

In fact, ever since the news about her demise broke out, I was one with the whole nation who quickly said their massive prayers for her soul. I, together with all the members of our student publication, even wore yellow shirts to show our sympathy and love for Tita Cory.

And speaking of love, hundreds of thousands of people yesterday filled the streets where the convoy of Cory passed, to show their love and respect for her—forming a sea of crowd in yellow that was only seen in the funeral of our national hero Ninoy almost three decades ago. People in all walks of life poured out in the streets and battled the rain only to see our beloved president for the last time. Many of them flashed the “laban” sign while shouting Cory’s name.

It was a moving scenario not only to the immediate family of Tita Cory but for all the Filipinos as well. Our former president’s children even claimed that the crowd yesterday was even larger than her father’s funeral—that even excludes the rest of the Filipinos across the globe that were glued to their TV or radio to keep abreast with the funeral rites.

Truly, the yesterday’s scenario was similar to that of Ninoy’s funeral which has drawn millions. In 1983, people hit the streets to show their sympathy for Ninoy along with the hope that the country could move from the dark days of the Marcos regime. Yesterday, however, people from all walks of life—men, women, old, young, children, politicians, churchmen, soldiers, rich, laymen, etc. went to the streets to show their love for Cory. No more expectations, just love. Not asking anything in return, just love. And nothing but their overflowing love to the 1986 Time Magazine’s Woman of the Year who restored our democracy.

May this scenario serve as an eye-opener to us all, most importantly, to politicians to serve the people first before serving their own interest.

Cory passed away

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As I woke up this morning, I was shocked by my classmate's text message saying Former President Cory Aquino finally joined our Creator in heaven.

For how many days now, prank text messages about Cory's death has been inconsiderately circulated so I did not believed the text message I received right away. In fact, I was still unconvinced as I wrote this post. But after reading this reports from the internet and seeing the full blown coverage of her death in national television, it was really over for our beloved Cory.

One with all the nation who are grieving for her demise, I'm extending my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of Tita Cory. Even to the whole nation, aside from Tita Cory's immediate family. As someone who restored the democracy of this country, Cory was well loved by us Filipinos. Her death is something that would not only grieve a family or two but the entire nation. Truly, our country has lost its mother. And this is not going to be easy for us all.

As a blogger, I am appealing to my fellow bloggers to pray for the soul of our kind mother., although rest assured that wherever she is right now, she's at ease with our Father. Goodbye our dearest President Cory and thank you for everything. We love you and you will always be remembered in our brains and in our hearts.

University Diary: The Simplicities of Life

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It was one rainy afternoon, I went out of the premises of the school to meet my sister. We’re supposed to have a rendezvous at five p.m. but at 5:30, she informed me thru text message that she can’t make it on time and that we’ll only meet at six. Since I had nothing else to do and I was tired that time to go back to the office, I decided to sojourn at the Ninoy Aquino Freedom Park. After all, thirty minutes isn’t that long.

As I sat down under a huge tree along the pathway of the park, I began texting my contacts in my phonebook. There was a high level of excitement as I started texting. It has been more than two months now since the last time I reloaded my cellular phone. After exhausting my fingers sending messages to all the Globe and TM subscribers in my phonebook, I anticipated a lot of replies—I was gone for a long time, so I think that gives justice to my anticipation. But what’s next to happen is quite the contrary. To my frustration, I only received five responses, and what’s more frustrating is that three of those persons only responded a bold “Hu u?” Ouch! That must have been painful and insulting right?

After that, I didn’t bother reintroducing myself to them. I realized that people interpreted my long absence differently. They thought I changed my sim card, or maybe they thought I never existed at all. Whatever there reasons maybe, I was hurt.

I checked the time. I still have to wait for 20 more minutes. That’s when I put my cellphone inside my pocket and pinned my sight to a group of youngsters chatting from afar. At first I thought they were only playing, but staring closely at them, I realized that these children ain’t playing. In just a wink of an eye, one of the children wearing a school uniform started running. Then, the rest of the group chased him. When the latter cornered the former, they encircled the poor child in uniform. From my vantage point, I could easily guess that the child in uniform is the youngest among them. Despite his height disadvantage, the poor child abruptly removed his bag and clenched his fists. Yes, he’s aware of the next scene and hell yeah, he is prepared for it.

He picked one opponent. But just when he’s about to release his valiant punch, his bigger opponent’s kick landed on his stomach first. It ended the poor child’s valor. He knelt on the grass as he found difficulty to gasp for air to breathe. The kick badly hurt him and he’s down on his knees weeping now. The poor child’s opponent immediately ran to shun revenge—if there’s any. The rest of the little goons also flew away. The poor child is alone now. There were many college students along the area but nobody dared help him. But after a couple of minutes, the child recovered and started looking for his playmates despite what they did to him.

Before I was able to observe what’s next for the poor child, a group of athletes jogging at the park grabbed my attention. It was an ordinary exercise at first glance, but if you nail your sight, it wasn’t. They were led by their coach. I didn’t know how many times they’re planning to jog the entire park, all I’m seeing is that the poor coach is not aware that some of his students were deceiving him. While their coach is religiously enjoying the jog, some of his students at the back were taking the short cut so they could finish one turn faster. None from the group noticed this scheme until their third round. When one of the joggers turned his head, alas, the scheme was revealed before his very eyes. He immediately shouted to his coach and reported his co-members' cunning act. And that’s when the coach witnessed his three students taking the short cut. Being outsmarted by his students, the angry coach immediately asked the three students to give him push-ups. After that, the rest of the students laughed over what happened to their co-athletes who can’t move a muscle after serving their punishment. The coach also laughed for he can’t believe he was outsmarted by his students. Then, they continued jogging but this time, the coach chose to be the last person so he could man his students properly.

Seeing those spontaneous incidents, I can’t help but grin after. I missed seeing those simplicities of life. It woke me up from the reality that life is as simple as how the children change moods, or even as simple as how the coach had easily forgiven his students who deceived him. It also introduced me the realization that I have been soaking myself in various works lately that I even forgot how to smile truly—I mean without hiding anything.

I was mad a while ago because I thought I was forgotten by a lot of people whom I considered important, but suddenly I realized I was just overreacting. Yes, I was just overreacting. Sometimes, we just have this tendency to treat our lives too hard only to find out that we are just overreacting. And now I’m thankful that I spent that thirty minutes of my time at the park for it led me to this realization-that life is simple. It’s only us who are making it complicated.

Sometimes, believing that we are not the shallow type of person, we dig deeper for the things that can make us happy. As a result, we overlook those simple things which if we examine closely; these are our real source of happiness. It’s just a matter of laughing over corny jokes or being contented over simple life that we see the beauty of life. It may be shallow but it’s genuine. Of course I know that for I just figured it out.

At six o’clock, I found myself sitting again, not at the park but now at the burger stand while chatting with my sister. I also found myself laughing out loud as I tell to my sister the story of how I spent the happiest thirty minutes of my life at the park. And that’s how this simple story ends.


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Due to the continuous road construction in practically all the major roads in the city, I decided to move to a place at least nearer to my school so I could easily hitch a ride especially that I have early morning classes.

After my classes, I normally go to the publication’s office for my other responsibilities. Then, when I’m free, I always see to it that I could go home to rest for a while. But before I rest, I watch television programs first. It's nice to be entertained with your favorite channels or movies even if you're just alone in the house.

In the United States for example, they have Direct TV service which offers most channels in High Definition (HD). Now you can watch your favorite movies in HD or even your favorite sports, also in HD. They have more than 100 channels in HD so it's surely a must have for you.

You also need not to worry if you want to avail of their services because directv service is available in many states in the US. They have Direct TV in CA, Direct TV in NY, Direct TV in TX, and Direct TV in FL, depending on what state you belong. With the advent of these technologies, I think it's time now for us to splurge on this.

A hypochondria? Wag naman sana!

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With the onslaught of the ever growing cases of influenza A (H1N1) worldwide, one cannot help but worry, sometimes panicky, whenever he/she manifests few of the symptoms of the disease.

In our case for example, there have been numbers of people who suffered fever, colds, cough, headache, vomiting, etc. for the past weeks. The trend continues everyday—another one gets infected with the disease right after the other one recovered.

With everybody getting sick, (in my reckoning) only the three of us in the office who are not yet infected, so I never thought I’d be following with trend. But, just yesterday, in an unexpected situation, I had this high temperature while attending our major subject class. Moreover, Arianne also got sick. This means that only one person is not infected with the disease as of this writing.

I’d like to stress however, that aside from having a very high temperature, I do not feel anything else—no headache, no muscle pain, no cough, and no colds. Oopps! I think I sounded defensive on that right? Hehe. But honestly, I don’t think this is something serious coz I just took a shower this morning and here I am in the office again, alive and kicking. My temperature is also back to normal to boot.

Speaking of office, I think our little office is just too small for us not to inherit whatever virus anyone of us acquired or will be acquiring. If you see and hear the people barking and chilling in the office, I think you will either pity them or laugh at them because of the continued barking.

When one of my teachers found out our situation, he advised us to inform the DOH about it. But, considering the unexpected whether we’re having, and aside from the fact that it’s the season for seasonal flu to arise, we believe this is not the real virus—you all know what I’m referring.

And as for my high temperature, I’m crossing my fingers hoping that I’ll be fine tomorrow. I have this strong feeling that I’m not really sick but this is just a feeling of sickness. Maybe this is what they call hypochondria though I hate to consider this a mental disorder. In the end, I hope this isn’t just a wishful thinking.

Living life to the FOOLest!

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And here comes another deadline I have to beat. We have to pass our project for our Econ 131 class tomorrow. It was actually given a week ago, but like what I usually do, I didn’t started doing the project until this very hour. And instead of concentrating and focusing to finish it so I could still rest and study for my quiz tomorrow, here I am procrastinating. I even had the guts to splurge my time surfing the net and, obviously, inserted posting this blog.

But like I said, this is me. Imagine, there are only few hours left before the deadline and I haven’t even finished one yet. I have never studied for my quiz to boot. I don’t think a graduating student should act like this. But hey, I’m doing it!

I don’t think I’m loving it though. So maybe before this drowsiness I’m feeling tempts me to go to bed, I’d better stop this stupidity and finish what needs to be done. But who knows, this intermission maybe is just one way of conditioning my mind to be on my working mode. Duh! I can’t even convince myself with this reasoning. Hahaha…

So for my own benefit, I will go on with my work now. I just wanted to make a new entry, and since I already have one, I should better be going. Bye everyone. I’m going back to work before we change date.

Current mode: FRUSTRATED!

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He I go again. Succumbing to one of my negative traits—laziness. A week has passed since my last post and I didn’t even bother myself posting another albeit my spare time. And what’s even funnier is that I created another blog when I can’t even maintain one. Ensued, my other site is hanging and futile hitherto.

The same thing is true with my other responsibilities at home and in school most especially—they are either untouched or half done. And these are all courtesy of my laziness. Thanks to you. Haiz, when well I ever fight this trait?

Well I am not surprised really, this is me. No matter how I try to avoid this negative trait, I end up doing the same thing all over again. Maybe the old cliché is really true that “You can build a shack overnight, but to make a house that can withstand the fury of a cyclone or other calamities, it takes time.” Yeah, maybe fighting this laziness is going to be a long time struggle for me.

I think I’m just one of those persons who think they know and can do everything but we all end up frustrated at the end knowing we’re wrong. It’s so stupid of me to think I can do more when in fact I am just doing less of what I’m suppose to do. This is one severe spell cast before me and I’m caught off guard—helpless.

Goodbye Michael...

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It’s only this morning when I heard one of the saddest news in the music industry, Michael Jackson’s untimely death. At first I tried to joke at it believing the news is a hoax but after reading few articles about his demise I was convinced that the King of Pop’s time is really over.

I am not a die hard fan of him for his generation was earlier than mine. Nevertheless, as a music lover, I was able to listen to some of his music and liked it. And I believe a lot of bloggers were also familiar with his songs especially that his “Thriller” album is considered the best selling album of all time.

Jackson’s time maybe over but I believe his music is not and will never be over. It will always linger in the course of music industry. I don’t have much to say for this music genius but I just like to extend my sincere condolences to his bereaved family. Michael Jackson, you will always be remembered in our hearts. And let me say “Job well done!”

P.S.: isang pagkilala lamang po sa nag-iisang Michael Jackson...at kagaya ng marami, nakikiramay din po...

inutile thougts :(

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This is too much! I’ve had enough!
I’ve been sitting in front of this PC for a couple of hours now.
I’ve read plenty of articles and a bit certain that I understood them.
I also have few interviews with some people in our school.
And as it goes, I have considerable knowledge about what this HR 1109 by now.
But, whenever I start putting these thoughts into writing, I can’t even finish a sentence.
This is because by the time I have formed an idea, a better one comes out which left me writing then deleting then writing then deleting again and the process continues. Sigh!
It would have been fine if I do not have deadline to beat but I have.
And just by thinking solely of the pressure is already pissing me off.
Maybe I need to relax myself for a few minutes and I’ll just come back later when I’m already at my writing mode.
Nice2x. Coz this sounds like a good idea to me.
So I’m going to leave this PC now for good.
But before that, since I believe that blogsphere is a home for smart fellas, maybe you can chip in some ideas on how you understand HR 1109 or Con-ass maybe.
Coz I really have to make a special report out of this issue.
In case you’re willing to share your knowledge so I can be enlightened more on the topic, just feel free to leave it to my comment box.
Thank you and good afternoon.

Missing the old days

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Aside from writing, one of things I like doing is cooking. But, though I can cook a few dishes, I find it more comfortable to just eat what my mom has prepared for us. Most of the time, my mother cooks our food and the only thing I can do to help is to unplug the rice cooker when she's done.

There's nothing more satisfying for me than waking up in the morning with a cup of coffee at hand. Of course, that usually goes with a toasted garlic bread as I listen to the early morning news - a routine I always look forward whenever I'm at home.

To quench our thirst in the afternoon, my cousin would rather have our favorite fruit shake instead of splurging on soft drinks. And in the evening, a glass of wine before going to bed always wraps our day.

But nowadays, we seldom do the same thing because of our respective work. Some of my cousins now have their own family while others moved to far places. On the other hand, I make myself busy with my work in our school publication. Anyway, I still have my family to spend my quality time with.

Malaya ako!

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Bilang isang mamamayang Pilipino
Nakikiisa ako sa pagdiriwang
Ng ating ika-isandaan at labing isang taong
Anibersaryo ng kalayaan

Kalayaang matapang na ipinaglaban
Ng sampu ng ating mga bayani
Silang ating pinagkakautangan
Ng kalayaang ngayon ay tinatamasa

Subalit sa paglipas ng panahon
Matapos ang labing isang dekada
Ano na ang kinahinatnan
Ng kanilang ipinaglaban?

Nasaan na nga ba tayo ngayon?
Ang iba'y inaabuso ang taglay na kalayaan
Mayroon namang tila walang silbi ang kalayaan
Na hanggang ngayoy naninirahan pa rin sa dilim

Lumabas at pagmasdan ang lansangan?
Dito sa amin payapa naman
Tila walang dapat ipagsaya
Lahat may sariling mundo

Napansin kong marami ang ngayoy nakangiti
Marahil natutuwa dahil walang pasok sa opisina
O kaya naman ay doble ang sahod
Ang iba naman di alam kung bakit walang pasok

Naway kahit isang araw lamang kaibigan
Gumawa ng bagay na makabayan
Kahit paglalagay lamang ng munti nating watawat
At namnamin ang kahulugan ng ating kalayaan

Kayo...Ano sa tingin nyo?

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At dahil feeling ko ubos na ang dugo ko sa pagtupad sa bagong responsibilidad na kinasadlakan ko...it’s time to have a break, have a kitkat! Oh libreng endorsement pa yan ha!

Anyway, this post will be tackling on the pros and cons of the week-long postponement of classes in the tertiary level. In my viewpoint, I’d say such announcement of the concern government agency is not at all beneficial to the students of our university. Well at least lemme support this statement and lemme make this clear.

The said agency rescheduled the opening of classes in all higher education institutions because of the threat of the influenza A (H1N1) which is formerly known as swine flu. I’d say such postponement is good to those regions particularly to the schools already infected with the virus to avoid close contact ensued narrowing the infection only to very few people.

But to those areas such as ours which is utterly free from the threat brought about by A (H1N1), I’d say the postponement is futile. It merely delayed our activities and wasted the allowance our parents gave us for the week. Most especially to those students from far places who have come earlier to the city only to find out that the opening of classes has been moved. They’ve already spent a lot for their food and lodging for nothing.

Another thing is, now that there are 77 confirmed cases of A (H1N1) (as of this writing) in the country and at least four schools already have reported cases, what’s next? Are they going to reschedule the opening of classes again? I’m crossing my fingers hoping that’s not going to happen.

But, I’m not the saying that the move of the government is wrong, I'm just airing my little voice. They should have left the discretion to postpone classes to the heads of the universities and colleges especially to the A (H1N1) free places.

Well, that’s just my opinion. What about you? Are you or are you not in favor of the postponement of classes? Feel free to share your comments.

Sana naman may sense tong iniepal ko. Ewan ko. Para kasing naubos nang katinuan ko sa dami ng trabahong kinailangan kong tapusin. Pasensya na kayo ha. //_'

First Day Prank!

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Una nang ideneklara ng Commission on Higher Education (CHED) na suspendido na muna ang pasukan sa kolehiyo ngayong linggo dahil sa umanoy banta ng A (H1N1). Ibig sabihin, June 15 pa talaga magbubukas ang klase para sa college students (sana naman hindi na nila isususpend for the second time kasi baka ma-extend na naman ang pasukan at pati graduation maging May na rin. Haiz, wag mo naman ipahintulot Lord please.)

Anyway, kahit na meron na ngang announcement ang CHED, I decided na pumunta pa rin sa eskwelahan to see for myself. Akalain mong hindi ininda ng mga katulad kong mag-aaral ang deklarasyon ng CHED. Siksikan pa rin sa gate ng university sa sobrang dami ng estudyanteng pumasok sa mismong araw. At least confident naman akong pumasok sa school kahit walang pasok kasi di lang naman ako ang matigas ang ulo. Marami kami kaya ang saya-saya.

Alas siete ng umaga ang first subject ko pero dumating ako ng alas siete y medya. Syempre feeling ko naman walang guro na magpapakita so ok lang na late muna sa ngayon. At gaya ng inaasahan, wala ni anino ng titser namin. Pero andun ang ilan sa mga klasmeyts ko. Para naman super tagal naming di nagkita at sobra kung magkamustahan. Oo nga't bakasyon. Eh ano ngayon, isang buwan din naman kaming magkasama sa iisang bahay for our internship. So ayon, matapos ang kamustahan at plastikan, haha, nagdesisyon kaming pagtripan ang mga bagong mukha sa unibersidad namin.

Magtanong kaba naman kung nasaan ang College of Arts and Sciences na building eh andun na mismo kami sa gusali. In fairness, maayos naman kaming sinagot ng mga inosenteng freshmen na ang CAS building pala ay ang mismong gusaling kinatatayuan namin. "Really? Thank you miss ha..." may mga ganun pang drama after mambiktima.

Patuloy kaming naglakad-lakad at habang padaan-daan lang kami sa mga lounges, eto naman ang trip namin. "Miss asa dapit ng TBA nga room?" (Miss san ba dito yung TBA na room?) o ayan with free translation pa yan ha. Todo pigil naman ang mga tinanong namin na magpigil sa pagtawa at sinagot kami ng maayos. "To be arranged paman ng TBA sir." (To be arranged pa po yung TBA sir). Meaning wala pa raw silid para dito.

"Di ba andun yung mga kursong Accountancy at Business Administration?" tanong ko ulit in our dialect.

Baka CBA po yung ibig nyong sabihin hindi TBA? sagot nya.

"Ha? Eh ano ba yung CBA miss tsaka how does it differ sa TBA?" tanga-tangahan ko namang tinuran sa kanya.

"College of Business and Accountancy po kasi yung CBA kaya andun yung sinasabi nyong mga kurso habang yung TBA naman eh to be arranged pa ang ibig sabihin." sagot niya na halatang nakukulitan na kasi kanina pa panay ang tingin sa kasama niya na atat na atat ng umalis pero di naman ako maiwan kasi nga "wala pa daw kasi akong alam".

Sa huli naman eh tinuro nya sa akin kung san yung CBA. Salamat miss. Kung nagbabasa ka ng post na to, sorry na talaga. Eh apat na taon na ako sa unibersidad na ito kaya alam ko lahat ng pasikot-sikot. Trip lang talaga namin kaya pasensya na.

Marami-rami din ang nabiktima namin bago kami nakaramdam ng gutom. Hahaha. Mukhang nakarma ang mga gago. So we decided to go out na nga sa school at nang makakain.

Pagdating namin ng gate, anak ng tipaklong, kumpulan na naman ang mga students kasi nga may instruction daw na di na muna palalabasin ang mga mag-aaral. Huh? Baket kaya? Eh unang una, wala namang pasok ngayon!? Hay na bad trip tuloy kami.

Sa ngayon ay kasalukuyan pa naming inaalam...oopps wait a minute...kapapasok lang na balita...pinahintulutan na umanong lumabas ang mga students. Hehe

Before you vote...

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Before I went to school this afternoon, I was attracted to watch a part of the ANC Leadership Forum for a few minutes.
Yup, it was just for a few minutes.
I decided to leave when the program started to become a comedy show.
I don’t know how others see it but for me it was a one-woman show.

The politicians aspiring to become the next president who were there were Senator Loren Legarda, Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, Former President Joseph Estrada, and Metro Manila Development Authority Chairman Bayani Fernando.

At first, it was a bit interesting when they disclosed what their plans are for the first 100 days of their administration if ever if they get elected.
In fairness, all four of them have good answers.

But as the show went on, some of the guests made me lose my enthusiasm to further watch the show.
When the forum was opened, more questions were asked.
And again, the four answered the questions.
But as to whether or not their answers were right, that’s another story.

The way I see it, I think only one or two of them have answered the questions correctly. I’m not sure if they are just evasive or what but some are really far out.

Senator Legarda was convincing with all her answers.
She finished her answers briefly and concisely and does it in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Mayor Binay also has good answers.
But he always has something to say about Makati in almost all his answers.
“Sa Makati…” and all the rest of his line.
There’s nothing wrong with boasting what you have accomplished in one city, but come on, there’s more to the Philippines than just Makati.
Let us not forget that there are more than 7, 000 islands in the Philippines with more than 90 million Filipinos.

While Former Pres. Estrada never failed to keep the audiences laughing.

I believe Chairman Fernando also did the same.
But I admired his courage to publicly announce his intention of running as a presidential candidate for the upcoming election next year.
(Di tulad ng iba na kesyo di raw tatakbo pero pagdating ng eleksyon lulunukin lahat ng sinabi.)
Also, I will never forget when he said he’s aware of the good and bad moves of the current administration but when asked by Cheche Lazaro what those bad moves are, he merely said “Don’t get me into trouble.”

These are all that I remember from that Leadership Forum.

In the end, I would give credits to all of them for showing up and answering the questions.

Though what they have said are just words and we don’t know if they can put that into deeds but watching them in the forums such as this is one good start for us to know them before we cast our votes.

I would further say that it is important for us youth, to watch these kinds of shows or other similar activities so that we would somehow get a little knowledge as to who deserves to lead us come 2010.

They say we are the hope of the future so it is only proper that we should be involved in any activities that concern us and the entire nation as a whole. And one of these is the upcoming election. Lets us prove to them that we care, we are smart, and that our votes can never be bought. Let us scrutinize these politicians for only then can we become confident as whom are we going to give our votes.

I’m not preaching. I’m just concern. And I’m just expressing my opinions.