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First post for 2010

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I know I have been not only a lousy blogger, but by and large a lousy person last year. Matter-of-factly, I think lousy is an understatement. Let me itemize here some of the not so pleasing things I did in 2009 so that, although I have this feeling nothing would change this year, I can sort of battle against myself to change for the better.

In the previous year, I know I've hurt other people's feelings intentionally and unintentionally; I have become a pain in the neck for many people to the point that they have resorted to curse and despise me for as long as they're breathing; I failed to keep bundles of promises; I have become the cause of delay for many activities and projects; as always, I have become a procrastinator and left a lot of unfinished works resulting to my superiors inconvenience and frustration; for many times, I lied to many people; I failed to show affection to people I love; at times, I admit that I became greedy and selfish; I failed to do my responsibility as a man of God; and so on and so forth.

One does not need to wait for a new year to change. However, it is at this time that, like many people who are fond of new year's resolutions, I find inspiration and encouragement to do better and be better. It is at this time that I reflect on those shortcomings and lapses, and live a healthy lifestyle. Healthy not only physically but emotionally, financially, psychologically, socially, and spiritually as well.

So apart from working hard to improve on my aforementioned negative traits above, part of my new year's resolution is to, first and foremost, become a religious blogger so I could update my blog as frequent as possible, second would be to spend more quality time with my loved ones especially my immediate family and with God of course, next is to do better with my academics and by all means do everything to graduate come March this year, and I shall also do better with my work. Actually, there's still many things I want to include here but as of this writing, these are my priorities.

I know pretty well that words are not deeds, and that these resolutions shall remain futile unless I transpire them into actions. But with dedication and perseverance, along with God's guidance, nothing is impossible.

I hope you guys had the best Holidays spent with your loved ones.
Well, I hadn't had the grandest and most lavish Christmas and New Year but it was just incomparable and memorable because I spent it, very rarely, with my family. There is nothing more fulfilling that every quality second I bonded with them.
Happy Holidays Bloggers!