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Cory passed away

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As I woke up this morning, I was shocked by my classmate's text message saying Former President Cory Aquino finally joined our Creator in heaven.

For how many days now, prank text messages about Cory's death has been inconsiderately circulated so I did not believed the text message I received right away. In fact, I was still unconvinced as I wrote this post. But after reading this reports from the internet and seeing the full blown coverage of her death in national television, it was really over for our beloved Cory.

One with all the nation who are grieving for her demise, I'm extending my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of Tita Cory. Even to the whole nation, aside from Tita Cory's immediate family. As someone who restored the democracy of this country, Cory was well loved by us Filipinos. Her death is something that would not only grieve a family or two but the entire nation. Truly, our country has lost its mother. And this is not going to be easy for us all.

As a blogger, I am appealing to my fellow bloggers to pray for the soul of our kind mother., although rest assured that wherever she is right now, she's at ease with our Father. Goodbye our dearest President Cory and thank you for everything. We love you and you will always be remembered in our brains and in our hearts.

University Diary: The Simplicities of Life

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It was one rainy afternoon, I went out of the premises of the school to meet my sister. We’re supposed to have a rendezvous at five p.m. but at 5:30, she informed me thru text message that she can’t make it on time and that we’ll only meet at six. Since I had nothing else to do and I was tired that time to go back to the office, I decided to sojourn at the Ninoy Aquino Freedom Park. After all, thirty minutes isn’t that long.

As I sat down under a huge tree along the pathway of the park, I began texting my contacts in my phonebook. There was a high level of excitement as I started texting. It has been more than two months now since the last time I reloaded my cellular phone. After exhausting my fingers sending messages to all the Globe and TM subscribers in my phonebook, I anticipated a lot of replies—I was gone for a long time, so I think that gives justice to my anticipation. But what’s next to happen is quite the contrary. To my frustration, I only received five responses, and what’s more frustrating is that three of those persons only responded a bold “Hu u?” Ouch! That must have been painful and insulting right?

After that, I didn’t bother reintroducing myself to them. I realized that people interpreted my long absence differently. They thought I changed my sim card, or maybe they thought I never existed at all. Whatever there reasons maybe, I was hurt.

I checked the time. I still have to wait for 20 more minutes. That’s when I put my cellphone inside my pocket and pinned my sight to a group of youngsters chatting from afar. At first I thought they were only playing, but staring closely at them, I realized that these children ain’t playing. In just a wink of an eye, one of the children wearing a school uniform started running. Then, the rest of the group chased him. When the latter cornered the former, they encircled the poor child in uniform. From my vantage point, I could easily guess that the child in uniform is the youngest among them. Despite his height disadvantage, the poor child abruptly removed his bag and clenched his fists. Yes, he’s aware of the next scene and hell yeah, he is prepared for it.

He picked one opponent. But just when he’s about to release his valiant punch, his bigger opponent’s kick landed on his stomach first. It ended the poor child’s valor. He knelt on the grass as he found difficulty to gasp for air to breathe. The kick badly hurt him and he’s down on his knees weeping now. The poor child’s opponent immediately ran to shun revenge—if there’s any. The rest of the little goons also flew away. The poor child is alone now. There were many college students along the area but nobody dared help him. But after a couple of minutes, the child recovered and started looking for his playmates despite what they did to him.

Before I was able to observe what’s next for the poor child, a group of athletes jogging at the park grabbed my attention. It was an ordinary exercise at first glance, but if you nail your sight, it wasn’t. They were led by their coach. I didn’t know how many times they’re planning to jog the entire park, all I’m seeing is that the poor coach is not aware that some of his students were deceiving him. While their coach is religiously enjoying the jog, some of his students at the back were taking the short cut so they could finish one turn faster. None from the group noticed this scheme until their third round. When one of the joggers turned his head, alas, the scheme was revealed before his very eyes. He immediately shouted to his coach and reported his co-members' cunning act. And that’s when the coach witnessed his three students taking the short cut. Being outsmarted by his students, the angry coach immediately asked the three students to give him push-ups. After that, the rest of the students laughed over what happened to their co-athletes who can’t move a muscle after serving their punishment. The coach also laughed for he can’t believe he was outsmarted by his students. Then, they continued jogging but this time, the coach chose to be the last person so he could man his students properly.

Seeing those spontaneous incidents, I can’t help but grin after. I missed seeing those simplicities of life. It woke me up from the reality that life is as simple as how the children change moods, or even as simple as how the coach had easily forgiven his students who deceived him. It also introduced me the realization that I have been soaking myself in various works lately that I even forgot how to smile truly—I mean without hiding anything.

I was mad a while ago because I thought I was forgotten by a lot of people whom I considered important, but suddenly I realized I was just overreacting. Yes, I was just overreacting. Sometimes, we just have this tendency to treat our lives too hard only to find out that we are just overreacting. And now I’m thankful that I spent that thirty minutes of my time at the park for it led me to this realization-that life is simple. It’s only us who are making it complicated.

Sometimes, believing that we are not the shallow type of person, we dig deeper for the things that can make us happy. As a result, we overlook those simple things which if we examine closely; these are our real source of happiness. It’s just a matter of laughing over corny jokes or being contented over simple life that we see the beauty of life. It may be shallow but it’s genuine. Of course I know that for I just figured it out.

At six o’clock, I found myself sitting again, not at the park but now at the burger stand while chatting with my sister. I also found myself laughing out loud as I tell to my sister the story of how I spent the happiest thirty minutes of my life at the park. And that’s how this simple story ends.


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Due to the continuous road construction in practically all the major roads in the city, I decided to move to a place at least nearer to my school so I could easily hitch a ride especially that I have early morning classes.

After my classes, I normally go to the publication’s office for my other responsibilities. Then, when I’m free, I always see to it that I could go home to rest for a while. But before I rest, I watch television programs first. It's nice to be entertained with your favorite channels or movies even if you're just alone in the house.

In the United States for example, they have Direct TV service which offers most channels in High Definition (HD). Now you can watch your favorite movies in HD or even your favorite sports, also in HD. They have more than 100 channels in HD so it's surely a must have for you.

You also need not to worry if you want to avail of their services because directv service is available in many states in the US. They have Direct TV in CA, Direct TV in NY, Direct TV in TX, and Direct TV in FL, depending on what state you belong. With the advent of these technologies, I think it's time now for us to splurge on this.

A hypochondria? Wag naman sana!

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With the onslaught of the ever growing cases of influenza A (H1N1) worldwide, one cannot help but worry, sometimes panicky, whenever he/she manifests few of the symptoms of the disease.

In our case for example, there have been numbers of people who suffered fever, colds, cough, headache, vomiting, etc. for the past weeks. The trend continues everyday—another one gets infected with the disease right after the other one recovered.

With everybody getting sick, (in my reckoning) only the three of us in the office who are not yet infected, so I never thought I’d be following with trend. But, just yesterday, in an unexpected situation, I had this high temperature while attending our major subject class. Moreover, Arianne also got sick. This means that only one person is not infected with the disease as of this writing.

I’d like to stress however, that aside from having a very high temperature, I do not feel anything else—no headache, no muscle pain, no cough, and no colds. Oopps! I think I sounded defensive on that right? Hehe. But honestly, I don’t think this is something serious coz I just took a shower this morning and here I am in the office again, alive and kicking. My temperature is also back to normal to boot.

Speaking of office, I think our little office is just too small for us not to inherit whatever virus anyone of us acquired or will be acquiring. If you see and hear the people barking and chilling in the office, I think you will either pity them or laugh at them because of the continued barking.

When one of my teachers found out our situation, he advised us to inform the DOH about it. But, considering the unexpected whether we’re having, and aside from the fact that it’s the season for seasonal flu to arise, we believe this is not the real virus—you all know what I’m referring.

And as for my high temperature, I’m crossing my fingers hoping that I’ll be fine tomorrow. I have this strong feeling that I’m not really sick but this is just a feeling of sickness. Maybe this is what they call hypochondria though I hate to consider this a mental disorder. In the end, I hope this isn’t just a wishful thinking.

Living life to the FOOLest!

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And here comes another deadline I have to beat. We have to pass our project for our Econ 131 class tomorrow. It was actually given a week ago, but like what I usually do, I didn’t started doing the project until this very hour. And instead of concentrating and focusing to finish it so I could still rest and study for my quiz tomorrow, here I am procrastinating. I even had the guts to splurge my time surfing the net and, obviously, inserted posting this blog.

But like I said, this is me. Imagine, there are only few hours left before the deadline and I haven’t even finished one yet. I have never studied for my quiz to boot. I don’t think a graduating student should act like this. But hey, I’m doing it!

I don’t think I’m loving it though. So maybe before this drowsiness I’m feeling tempts me to go to bed, I’d better stop this stupidity and finish what needs to be done. But who knows, this intermission maybe is just one way of conditioning my mind to be on my working mode. Duh! I can’t even convince myself with this reasoning. Hahaha…

So for my own benefit, I will go on with my work now. I just wanted to make a new entry, and since I already have one, I should better be going. Bye everyone. I’m going back to work before we change date.

Current mode: FRUSTRATED!

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He I go again. Succumbing to one of my negative traits—laziness. A week has passed since my last post and I didn’t even bother myself posting another albeit my spare time. And what’s even funnier is that I created another blog when I can’t even maintain one. Ensued, my other site is hanging and futile hitherto.

The same thing is true with my other responsibilities at home and in school most especially—they are either untouched or half done. And these are all courtesy of my laziness. Thanks to you. Haiz, when well I ever fight this trait?

Well I am not surprised really, this is me. No matter how I try to avoid this negative trait, I end up doing the same thing all over again. Maybe the old cliché is really true that “You can build a shack overnight, but to make a house that can withstand the fury of a cyclone or other calamities, it takes time.” Yeah, maybe fighting this laziness is going to be a long time struggle for me.

I think I’m just one of those persons who think they know and can do everything but we all end up frustrated at the end knowing we’re wrong. It’s so stupid of me to think I can do more when in fact I am just doing less of what I’m suppose to do. This is one severe spell cast before me and I’m caught off guard—helpless.