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Isang tulog na lang...

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Tama! Isang tulog na lang, I will be marching na! I'm actually having cold feet right now, naks parang ikakasal lang. :)

Ewan, writeless ako (panghalili sa speechless) ngayon. As in walang laman ang yutaks ko sa kakasobrang gabi (overnight) nitong nagdaang mga araw. Kaya ganito na lang, bigla na lang magtatapos ang post na to....


A cent worth

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Wow! When was the last time this blog was updated? Did I not promise to become a religious blogger? Well, I can only answer this line (one of my favorites actually): WORDS are not DEEDS!

Anyhow, I don't know what urged me to make another post. Ah! I know now! I'm inspired by "Up in the Air". Yup, I just finished watching it! Almost 20 minutes now as of this writing.

So what can I say about the flick now? Not much really. Make no mistake, it was a heart warming movie that reminds me how young people differ from their elders as far as their state of mind is concern.

When you are young, you tend to be very idealistic. After earning a degree, of course you'd like a well compensated job so you could buy all those stuffs you've been clamoring for since you were but a child. You want incessant parties, gigs, out of towns, name it. Then when you're tired of fooling around, you'd settle down and make a beautiful family. Send your children to school, work, attend their graduation rites, and then before you know it, you're already a grand parent. Retired and contemplating on your whole existence at the twilight of your life. Is this how you dream your life? Most people probably are.

As you grow older, however, although I don't think I've reached such maturity already to tell this so, you will realize that your insights on life is way simpler than you thought it was when you were younger. I mean as you advance in life, all those physical requirements you were looking for in a girl or guy would just fade notwithstanding your futile consternation. You will be taken aback as you find out that you could actually settle with someone who does not sing, not slim, not intelligent, no sense of humor, a college drop out, unemployed, or maybe with kids already. But on a whole new different perspective, you'd settle with that someone because you guys can get along well, you see the world in its 180 degrees turn with his/her presence, or simply because he/she has a nice smile, nice pair of lips, nice teeth. Whatever it is, things are basically different as you age.

At the end of the day, it is not important what state of mind you belong or you enjoy most. What is important is how you live your life and how well you cope with life's indispensable realities. You may not be able to stomach these but that's the way it is. Life will never be as beautiful as you fantasize it. That is an inalienable truth on life.

Now, you may be wondering why the hell I'm speaking of rhetorics here and not on the film. Like I said earlier, the movie inspired me to make this post but this post ain't about the movie.

Lakad para sa kalikasan

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The longest walk of my layp!

In my two decades of existence in this quite imperfect world (aw?), I have not yet engaged myself in a nine-kilometer distance of non-stop walk--not until few days ago when some of the members of the student publication (xempre kasali din me) willingly joined the "Walk the talk" activity organized by Foundation University to urge people in the community to care for the environment.

The marathon walk started in the wee hours of February 13. Since we are not really 'morning people', we had to be awoke before the dawn broke. We braved the chilling Saturday morning air just to go to Valencia where we all assembled.

When the walk started, we were almost oblivious of the distance because we all enjoyed with our respective chit chats. But as the walk progressed, we gradually felt our leg muscles aching. I thought I would not be able to make it but thank God, I did it! And I was so proud of it!

The environmental walk ended at the facade of Robinsons Place Dumaguete where a little program was conducted before we hit our separate ways. At first, the program was quite fine but as the politicians/participants were introduced and made their speeches on stage, what seemed to be a solemn campaign for the environment turned into a political rally as most of the politicians indubitably recited their rhetorical speeches to attract voters--albeit you can't easily put us, the youth, in your pockets, sirs.

Anyhow, it was a great activity although it was rather tiresome especially for me who live a couch potato lifestyle. So, have you walked that far--9km? I did! :)

kabalo ko super pan-os na ni nga post. Sagdi ra gud, kamo kunoy every 10 years ra mag-update og blog bi. khekkhek :)