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It's all about leadership

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I always believe that good leaders are also good followers. Ironically, I’m not a good follower. Should I expect a good leadership out myself? Let the members speak their minds. (If they happen to bump my site…)

I would just like to express similar bitterness my friend Bong (sowe na gud frewnd) has experienced in his leadership. (of which I’m one of the members)

I can relate how maddening it is to schedule a meeting for your group but instead of starting it on time, you have to spare another hour or more because you will have to wait for the rest of members to arrive so that there should be a quorum.

Even if you still have other things to do, you don’t have a choice but to sacrifice it or miss it at all because waiting for them has already consumed much of your time. They just don’t have an idea how frustrating it is to you. They just don’t have an idea how much you extend your patience in order not to reach your boiling point.

Another thing is when they get inside the room late and the meeting has begun, they will automatically babble with their seatmates/classmates (as if they haven’t seen each other for decades) and eventually disturb your ongoing discussion. Isn’t it already below the belt? Isn’t it worth slapping their faces until you see them bleed? (but that is too harsh I believe).

Moreover, how would you feel if the people who usually neglect the meetings are the officers themselves? Haven’t they realized that they should be a model for the rest of the members? I would assume that if they are not stupid they are moron.

Or, if we look at it on the other side, maybe they don’t respect my leadership. Perhaps, they think they are better than me. Well I don’t think so because if that is so, they should have been the ones that were elected and not me.

Now my point here is not to wash my hands and redeem myself from this insensitiveness, or to brag my leadership either. Rather, I am just writing this to let the people know (especially those who are concerned) that a leader can only perform his tasks smoothly if the members are willing to cooperate.

We all have our lazy moments sometimes but for so long as we can minimize it, then let’s do it. We all have our share of stupidity in life but as long as we can control it, let’s go for it. We are not perfect but we can minimize our errors by carefully thinking our deeds before putting them into action. We all have to invest respect to other people if we want to be respected by them also.

Love Thy Neighbor

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This story actually took place the other day. I didn’t have the luxury of time to write it earlier so I’m writing it now.

I was supposed to sleep because I stayed overnight in the publication office to finish some assignments. I didn’t even have a minute of sleep that time so needless to say I was really tired. My eyes needed a rest so badly, so was my body. I did not even bothered eating breakfast. I arrived home at around 7 o’clock in the morning and sleeping was all I wanted to do.

Just when I was about to close my eyes, I heard noises from our neighbors. I didn’t mind it at first for I thought it would be gone in few seconds. Eventually, I slept for a couple of minutes until the same noises, louder this time, woke me up. No matter how I tried ignoring it, it is annoyingly unbearable. I closed my eyes and covered my ears with pillows but it doesn’t lessen the noise.

I stood up and peeked at the window. Damn! I found out that the noises were produced by the gossipers in the neighborhood, shouting at each other while encircling three to five people who are apparently having a fight.

Grrr! If only I was born to slay irritating people, I should have done it at the moment so I can immediately go to sleep without being disturbed. Since I’m not that kind of person, I contended myself watching the situation. I can’t remember how many punches were thrown in the air. I don’t know even know whose hands threw it and whose face received it. I don’t consider myself a barbaric type but I seem to enjoy the show.

Before I can see blood in the scene, police officers came and settled the battle. In just a few minutes, the place was abandoned and the environment turned silent. Good thing because I can now continue what I had started moments ago.

I went back to my bed, grab a pillow and conditioned myself to sleep. I wore a smile on my face before I finally fell asleep. The show was terribly good. It was a good entertainment before sleeping. It’s like watching TV show before you go to sleep in the evening. Deep sigh! I just hope I won’t be disturbed this time. Zzzzzzz….

At dahil naka-receive na naman ako ng award isisingit ko na dito yung sagot ko.
Salamat nga palang sa maganda at matalinong iniidolo ko sa blogosperya na si ate JoShy...kelangan nga pala namin ni dEe ng budgEt sa fAnZcLub

Eto daw ang rules:
1. Each blogger must post these rules.
2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged, need to write ten facts about themselves. You need to choose ten people to tag and list their names.

task # 2

1. wala akong txtm8 (ewan kc kung uso pa yan ngaun)
2. i love reading books (khit nosebleed ako minsan)
3. medyo marami-rami na rin ang nabasa kong books peru wala ni isa man sa kanila ang pagmamay-ari ko dahil...
4. ika-apat na fact: baga kog lepz (makapal ang mukha at gilagid)
5. maraming galit sa 'ken (ewan ko sa kanila)
6. matagal na 'kong di nakakasimba (peru Mahal ko si LORD..pramiz)
7. konti lang ang damit ko (penge...)
8. i'm a busy person
9. currently a blog addict (do not site da obvious)
10.konti lang ang alam kaya hanggang dito na lang...

i'm passing the tag to the following people:
marga, ambrocia, extraordinary noriel, junrell, joel, dora, nadine, ren, chessa, at carla...

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Here's my answer to PD's tag:

10 reasons to smile and smile and smile 10x a day

1.maHaL ako ni God...xuR aQ dUn
i have lots of friends (isama mo na ung mga former)
hindi ako bobo...di nga lang matalino (di bali na)
dahiL may tRabaho aketch..haha
coz my mom raised me well..aw?
naG-aArAL ako-(maniwala kayo pls.)
natatawa ako sa sarili ko (xur ako dun...lol)
mEmber ako ng TN
di ako inuTiL (ewan lang kung pakinabang nga ba)
wala lang gusto ko lang talagang mag-smile everyday

Ayan tapos na rin sa wakas...ang hirap mag-isip

At dahil tapos nang malusaw ang utak kong sing laki lang ng yutaks ng galunggong, ipapasa ko naman to sa iba. At yun ay sina:

rina, hanne fe, gian carlo, dj rem, caroline

At sana naman ay tumugon kayo. hehe

Moving On

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It wasn't long when I posted a topic announcing my grief over some of the closest friends I've lost. I can't remember it in details anymore but I can instantly recall the pain it caused. I hate to sound mushy so I will be cutting it short 'til here. It's already buried in vast oblivion and digging it is like allowing its ghosts to haunt you again until you become psychotic. It's already part of history and keeping it that way is a clever choice.

What matters to me now is to embrace another phase of my existence. There's so much beyond that and I don't wanna face it half-heartedly. I want to end it right so I will be starting it right. I don't want my past to trespass and manipulate my approach to this new experience. Or, I will end up messing it again.

This new phase of my life is more about moving on. It's about learning from your errors in the past and making it right this time. It's about reflecting upon yourself and looking into the aspects that need improvement. It's about realizing that swallowing your pride is not making yourself less of a man but making you whole rather. It's about finding fulfillment in befriending your enemy. It's about taking the initiative to reach out to the people who became distant from you. And most importantly, it's about recognizing that we do not have the right to be a mediocre if we know we can do more.

I know this is just the beginning and there's still much about this phase. I know sometimes I make myself contented of a half-baked achievement when I can always do better. I am also aware that I am repeating of some my mistakes hitherto. I know I am still a procrastinator but I'm trying to get away from it gradually. Sometimes, I just can help but prioritize merrymaking than performing my obligations. But I am not blind to these negative traits I possess, someday I can overcome it.

In spite of this, I can still say I am a changed man because I have been hearing good comments from people around me lately. I have also re-established rusted friendships. I have learned to hang out with people whom I thought were awkward and boring to be with before. I was just amazed to appreciate their company, so was mine. I have also learned to converse with people without easily losing my temper and eventually hitting my boiling point. With all these and with all the positive response, I believe full improvement is just around the corner.

MiNSan pA uLAn bUMuhOS kA...

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Sobrang bonggang-bongga ang lakas ng ulan dito sa maliit ngunit maganda at tahimik naming *cabaret* lugar. Tae! Kala ko di na ako makakapasok sa work dahil (sigh!) halos two hours din akong naghintay ng masasakyan habang ang lupit ng buhos ng raindrops on my guitar. Lang ya, nangawit na ‘ko sa kakaantay peru wala yatang namamasadang driver dahil sa lakas ng buhos ng ulan at hampas ng hangin.

Asan na kaya sina mamang driver sweet lover? Bukod sa para na ‘kong basang *trapo* sisiw eh super late na ako. Lagot na, baka tuluyan na akong masisanti nito. Ewan ko lang kung pa’no ko sasaluin ang galit ni madam employer.

At dahil mahaba ang aking *!#^@$#~* pasensya, sa wakas ay may dumaan din traysikel. Pilitin ko mang sumakay ng taxi, di pwede dahil bukod sa obsolete yan dito, eh wala din akong pambayad. So mabalik tayo kwento. Dahil alam kong di ako agad makakasakay sa layo ng pupuntahan ko at may bagyo pa, dinoble ko na lang yung pamasahe. Ampf! Sigurista din si manong tsuper, triplihin ko na lang daw kasi galit ang weather condition. Kung bakit naman kasi walang blogger account (meron ata di ko lang alam) si kuya Kim para updated ako sa lagay ng panahon. Kaya ayon nagbayad nalang ako ng triple kesa naman mawalan ako ng raket.

Habang binabaybay namin ang daan, wala na ‘kong makita sa harapan dahil sa bagsik ng ulan. Basta nagulat din ako dahil bumabaha na pala at hanggang tuhod na eh slow motion pa rin yung takbo namin. Tae! Para kaming sumusunod sa parade, 5km/hr ang drama. Napa-isip tuloy ako kahit walang utak. Di naman kaya dating drayber ng punerarya si manong? Ah basta umepal nalang ako at humingi ng medyo malakas-lakas na arangkada.

Go naman agad si manong at ginawang 6km/hr ang drama (at least lumakas konti). Ewan, eto na yata yung maximum niya, palibhasa tanders na kasi. Kung may iba lang sanang masasakyan, kanina pa ‘ko bumaba. Tsk! Nagti-is nalang ako.

Nakakatawa lang kasi sa kasagsagan ng sungit ng panahon, may mangilan-ngilan pa rin sex workers na nakaposte *ng meralco* sa gilid-gilid. Hay ewan, ganito yata talaga ang life! Kahit para nang mga lantang gulay, go pa rin sa kanilang raket. Patawarin ako, peru di naman siguro sila ang dahilan ng dilubyong ito? Nagtatanong lang po.

Sa aming pag-uusad pagong, may nasipat na naman ako. Sa gitna ng bagyo ang setting ng dramang ito. Umi-eksina ang lovers (assume ko lang na lovers nga sila). Nakaluhod si babae na tila nagmamakaawa kay lalaki habang ang huli ay todo effort naman na makawala sa kapit ni Eba. Bukod pa jan, para silang bingi sa nagsisigawan sa daan. Buti na lang at dinaig sila sa lakas ng ulan at wala rin audience impact kasi walang ibang tao nun. Tama ba namang isabay sa bagyo ang LQ? Hindi naman sa nakikialam ako peru parang ganun na rin. Basta wala na ‘kong nakita after dahil malayo na kami.

Wala anu-ano pa at narating din namin ang lagusan este ang aking destinasyon. After kong magbayad ng pagkalaki-laki ay binuksan ko na rin ang payong kong dala. Pucha! Naramdaman kong basa na pala ako dahil super butas pala ang walang hiyang umbrella ni Rihanna. Buti na lang nasa harap na ‘ko ng gate.

Pagpasok ko ng opisina eh para na ‘kong lantang gulay na pupungas-pungas. Daig ko pa ang isinawsaw sa isang timbang tubig na puno ng yelo sa lamig. Late pa ako ng 20 minutes. ‘Pag mamalasin ka nga naman oo. Mabuti na lang at naintindihan ng supervisor namin ang kawawa kong sitwasyon. May raket pa rin ako. Yehey! Hai teka ang ginaw.

At dito po nagtatapos ang aking kwento Charo. Magandang gabi mga kagilagid at kabagang.

waLANg kWEnTa

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Heto na’t tatahakin ko na rin ang landas ng aking mga idolong sina rOnTurOn at pUssYcAtdoLL esTe pAperdOll pala. Isasama ko na rin lahat ng active na kabagang at kagilagid natin dito sa mundo ng mga lasheng –ang blogsphere.

Uumpisahan ko na ring *maghubad* magkalat ng tagalog posts dito. Ba’t nga ba pinipilit natin ang *menor de edad* ating sarili na gamitin ang dolyar na lingwahe gayung pwedeng-pwede naman nating gamitin ang ating pambansang *kamao* wika, diba?

Ika nga ng founder ng mga emo na si Gat Jose Rizal, “Ang hindi marunong magmahal ng sariling wika *ay foreigner* higit pa sa malansang fish.” Loko lang po mga kabagang at kagilagid. Wag naman sana akong ipahuli ni mamang pulis dahil diniscriminate ko ang ating national hero. At pati sa mga emo. May dugo rin akong emo kaso nga lang di ganap kasi kalahati ng dugo ko kape, kaya peace po tayo mga brad.

At dahil ipinanganak akong insecure at nothing but a 2nd rate trying-hard coffee pot, manggagaya na rin ako ng istilo. Yun bang tipong seryoso daw peru *bastos* may sense of horror ay humor pala. Ang laki kasi ng impluwensiya nung mga idolo ko eh. Sana nga lang may magbasa pa ng blog ko pagkatapos nito. Wag naman sana nila akong isumpa at sana kilalanin pa rin ako ng pamilya after this. OA..lol..

Well, hanggang dito nalang muna ang kahibangang ito dahil mukhang umuusok na ang kili-kili ng mga nagbabasa ng walang kwentang post na ‘to. Peace be with us. //_’

Whatever Nanny You're Such A Loser!

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There are only two kinds or person in this world. I would say that the first is the insensitive type. And I wouldn’t mind counting myself under this category because people around me can attest to that. I believe my soul might as well agree with me. I have been hearing this negative trait of mine for many years. But I am uncertain if I’m aware of this or not. Maybe the latter is my case because no matter how I try to improve, they still branded me the same. You know the feeling of pushing yourself to the end of the wall just to be appreciated by others but end up being a failure?! Rather they would assume that you are too airy and conceited. It’s like waving not only your both hands and feet but also your entirety to them yet they are not responding. Isn’t it a painful way of telling you that you are good for nothing? It’s as if they would rather pay attention to the invisibility of the air rather than acknowledging you.

But how did I earn the moniker? What brought them to the idea of branding me as such? Let me try to answer it myself. Maybe this is the result of my being “bossy” according to them. Well it’s hard and frustrating to lead an organization with more than 50 members especially if it is your first time to assume such responsibility. “Mangangapa ka talaga” as how the Tagalog people say it. But I won’t use it as defense mechanism because I have already gotten this far with my leadership. I’m not really a better leader, not even a good one. In fact, I can’t even lead my life as to the way I wanted it to be. Look at me, I’m just a mess. Now forgive me if I have been too bossy for you. I just don’t know how to lead. You might as well take away the leadership from me if you feel that you deserve it more than I do. I wouldn’t mind.

I am also a “trying hard” joker. But my jokes are terribly not laughable and worst it’s hitting below the belt. Sometimes I’m getting way too personal that I’m becoming oblivious of others feelings. And I believe this mounted up their reasons.

Now I would say the second type of person is the oversensitive type. They are the kind of people who are extremely sensitive. And I would say that maybe they are just overreacting to what seem like a simple situation or just exacerbating it. Meaning when you start to get mad to your friend for a reason which is very superficial in nature, as an oversensitive person you start to dig up all the things your friend has done. You will end up meeting your boiling point ensued. Instead of slapping it on his face right after, you’ll bank it and let it pass until you can no longer bear the turmoil and eventually suffer yourself later on. Well you’re such a pathetic and hypocrite creature. I would borrow Ogie’s line in the Spoiled Brat segment of Bubble Gang and share it to you “Whatever Yaya you’re such a loser!”

Yes you are! You can always confront the person you hate so things will be over. If want to put a period and never start another sentence then do it. Not that you’ll keep it and masquerade to other people pretending everything’s fine while keeping the grudges. Strike whilst the iron is hot man! You’re fooling nobody but yourself.

Oops! I think I’m losing my point here. Yeah! Whatever! It would be better if I end it up here and finish it some other time if procrastination will not visit me. This is utterly an absurd post. Thank you for wasting your time reading this. Hehehe…LOL! //_’