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Relationship suicide

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And now I have come to the last chapter of my college life. Just a few more days and my four-year-academic-journey shall come to its lofty end.

I know it'll never be that simple and it'll never be that easy. Not until I conquer the final blows of obstacles that are planted on my way to feel the ever wanted tertiary diploma.

All of the arduous final requirements and projects have now compiled a mounting pile of stress that can be trace on our (graduating studes) faces. Too many things to accomplish, yet too limited time. This unprecedented pressure is tearing me off. 24 hours is just to little time and sleeping is a mortal sin. I can't afford to procrastinate, ergo, I should perpetually hammer myself so I won't deviate from my track.

But I know very well that talking about all these blah blah blahs will only pull me faster to drown in this fathomless pressure. What I need rather is to conserve every little energy I could muster to stand amid all these. On that note, I should end this post now and get some rest.

Though everything seems ambiguous for now, I'm quite confident that, like everything else in this world, THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

This post's title is completely irrelevant to the content of the post.
Adik lang talaga ako sa songs ng The Script so I decided to use some beautiful words from their songs.
Nga pala, ngayon ko lang napagtanto, come back post ko pala to :) after being idle ad nauseam.