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Nosebleeding post...

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Pagal ang katawan
Butas ang isipan
Kailangang umusad
Bahala na si Batman
Tila nag-iisip
Mas lalong nilalaliman
Wala namang laman

Mabilis ang lakbay ng diwa
Wala namang patutunguhan
Kahit anu na lang
'Wag lang mabaliw
Malapit na!

Pilit may inaalala
Ayan at natameme na
Ayaw talaga
Walang mapiga
Tigilan na!

Biglang may tumunog
Tulog mantika pa rin si katabi
Di bali na
Hayaan na natin siya
Ayan na naman
Ang kulet talaga!

I wanna be a carpenter...

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Oopps...Lemme correct myself, I don't mean I want to have carpentry as my source of living in the future (although I am not closing my door to the idea). I just want to know a little bit of this craft.

Of course, I am seeing myself as a husband and a father someday, so naturally I am expected to fix the fence or maybe repair some broken cabinets or drawers and all those simple hammering jobs. For God's sake, how will I perform such job when I can't even properly use a hand saw? I am not even sure if I could drill a small hole inside the house or use those simple hand tools myself. Aside from turning a flashlight on and off, what else do I know? (sighs)

Well these are just self-inquiries. I believe it's never too late for me to learn some of these things someday--before I'll start my own family. What about you guys, do you have the same inquiries? Perhaps, we have become so dependent to all these touch or press stuffs we are enjoying in our generation now that we are no longer minding those simple things I've mentioned above. I hate to admit it but I'm guilty of this.


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Di ko lang sure kung last week ba yun, basta sure akong naka-lampas 500 post na siya. Yup, ang katropa kong si Aian e more than 500 blog posts na ang naitala sa kanyang bahay sa blogosperyo. Siyempre, matagal-tagal na rin siya sa pagba-blog.

Kaya naman, naitanong ko rin sa sarili ko kung nakailang posts na ako. Aba naman, mabagal pa pala sa pagong ang aking iniurong dahil pang-singkwenta ko pa lang 'to. At ito pa, sa paghahalungkat ko ng kaban, akalain mong ngayon ko lang din nalaman na isang taon na pala akong umeepal dito sa blogosperyo? Biruin mong since August 2008 pa pala akong miyembro, e parang kelan lang ata yun!

Hay naku, hambilis talagang lumipas ng panahon. Kaya naman, dahil this is going to be my 50th post, I'll take this opportunity to thank everyone na naging bahagi ng aking pagiging blogger. Sa lahat ng bumisita, bumasa, umepal, at sumubaybay sa Alipin ng KaHIRAPan, hisang malaking tEnChu senyong lahat. Salamat sa isang taon na puno ng echus. Sana naman ay humaba pa ang ating samahan dito. Salamat talaga ng marami.

Anyway, dahil nga sa ang post na 'to ay puro pasasalamat, lemme thank the following bloggers whose name I will be mentioning below. Unang-una, tenkyu sa boss naming si Bong na siyang nagtulak sa'min sa bisyo nag-udyok sa'min na magblog. Siyempre sa mga kasamahan ko rin sa kulto publication na halos kasabay kong nagumpisa: kina Marga at Noriel na ngayon lang naligaw ulit sa blogosperyo at sa aking sapantaha ay umiiwas lang na magkaroon ng strike. hehe. Ay, nakalimutan ko nga pala si Dora na kamakailan lang ay sinuspendi ang account dahil sa pangahas na pang-aangkin niyang jowa siya ni John Loy. Toinks! Peace Out Doh!

Magpapasalamat din ako ng maraming-marami kina Manikang Papel na super active nung kakaumpisa ko pa lang, tapos biglang nawala na lang sa sirkulasyon. MP, wereber yu ar, bumalik ka na naman pls. Ganun din kay Ms Dylan na laging libre ang kape tuwing napapadaan ako sa shop niya, hehe. Naku, ito sa pa'ng isang miss din si Ms. Cindyrellaz na alam kong masaya dahil sa kanyang soulmate, tenchu po. Super tEnkYu din kay pareng Mulong na kahit papanu ay umeepal sa mga post kong non-sense. hehe.

Isang bonggang pasasalamat din kina Pusang Gala na originally known as Pusang Kalye at kay Kosa naman na tumangkilik din sa aking blog. Syempre ganun din ang gratefulness ko kay pareng Marco na idol ko dahil sa kanyang mga tula. Thank you po mga kuya.

Speaking of kuya, super tenkyu din kina Master Ron at Sir Pajay na lately ko lang nalaman na best of friends pala in real life. Isa kayo sa mga hinangaan ko when I was new, at patuloy na hinahangan until now. Salamat po.

Ngayon naman sa dalawang babaeng hindi ko lang katropa sa blogosperyo kundi mga kapatid ko nang itinuturing. Kay Ate JOshy at Pres Sis Dee, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for making my stay worthwhile and enjoyable. Ate Joshy, kahit dadalawa lang kami ni Dhianz sa fans club mo, solid naman kami. hehe. Basta, I hope what we have started would still continue in the coming years. Haylabyu both.

Bago ko makalimutan, taos puso din akong magpapasalamat kina Ms Donna, Kcatwoman, Waterbased, Zeb, Jepoy, Ms. Yanah, Prof. Yodz, W.A.I.T at sa lahat ng mga followers at naging followers ko. Ganun din sa lahat ng naging kaibigan at naging bahagi ng blog ko, di ko man kayo mamention lahat, basta sa lahat ng nasa blogroll ko at sa lahat ng nagkomento, salamat talaga ng marami...as in super thank you po.

Hanggang sa susunod na kabanata!

Once again, happy anniversary to my blog!


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Well, right now, the moon yielded to the rising ball of fire. Roosters are alternately responding to their music. Yet, I'm still trap in this artificially aired (is there such a description?) and well lighted room. My eyes are soring. My back is also aching. They need rest but they can't until I get my ass off here. Boredom is hugging me, and devouring my sanity. No music. Just the sound of keyboard while I'm typing. This ain't a music room but a workplace so I should not babble anymore. It won't take long anyway and I can still carry on. This is my life during weekend. It's not hell, but it's definitely not heaven.

Hours from now, I would have to get few hours of sleep. Perhaps, four or five hours would be enough. I need to rise up and perform my obligations. I don't need procrastination - no, not this time. There's just too many tasks I need to be doing, especially in the publication. Editing for the weekly paper, writing articles for the magazines, blah blah blah. I hope nothing would get in the way that would disrupt my attention, else, I would waste time again. This is my life as a student journalist. Tiresome, tedious and exhausting but I'm loving it. It's giving me life. A life I have been proudly living.

Well, the light outside is creeping faster. But, whatever happened to the roosters, I ain't hearing them anymore. I think I have nothing else to say. I'm still bored though so I'm a have to stretch for a while. Good mornight blogosphere!

There's something about 9...

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Today is the 9th day of September 2009. So we would have 09/09/09. So what?
Well, aside from the fact that this perfect date would not happen again, there is nothing more about this post. I just have this observation I want to share.

If we have been keeping ourselves abreast with current events lately, you can easily relate to this post. First, prior to this date, the ill-fated Superferry 9 sank at the seas of Zamboanga. Aboard the ship were more than 9 hundred passengers including children and senior citizens. Although most of them survived the incident, according to reports, there were 9 reported deaths among all the passengers.

So what am I trying to say here? Honestly, I also can't tell. I just can't set aside the number nine above all these. Well i just hope everything was a mere coincidence.

An incoming fete

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Just a few more days, we will be having our college day again in the university. Every department was already told to prepare for the event. If I may base it on last year's merrymaking, I could say that it is going to be a fun activity - I hope it would be this year!

If there is an event like this, various activities and shows will be staged. In our university, for example, canopies are set up on the open courts to house mouth-watering food for the occasion. On the other hand, some of the rooms are used by different organizations to set up their exhibits.

It is at this activity where you can see the creativity of the students just to boast about whatever information about their course. There are even some who would use carpet to their flooring, if not customized floor mats, just to impress not just their co-students but also the administrators and visitors.

I can't wait for the event now. If only I can pull the time.


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Guess whAt?
After almost six months of lying low...
I can't believe I'm here again...
I mean I got the job again...
Never mind the stress and sleepless nights...
Like they said, no pain no gain.

Well that's it!
This post is completely meatless (is there such a term //_' ?)
I just wanna tell you that I'm back taking calls again.
The night is still long.
I have to bear this drowsiness I'm feeling until nine.
That's fine with me.

Good Morning bloggers!