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Cheers for Manny! Cheers for us!

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If I should have to make a new post to update my blog, well the recent very-impressive-TKO-victory of People's Champ Manny 'Pacman' Pacquaio against Puerto Rican welterweight (ex) champion Miguel Cotto is unquestionably the topic to be for any blogger.

Although I have already known Pacman's lopsided victory over Cotto four hours before the super-late-commercial-packed-national-telecast of the historic fight, I couldn't help but set aside my disappointments and just celebrate with the whole Filipino nation for our hero's another achievement. It was just so overwhelming to see not only our countrymen but even foreigners cheering for Manny and rejoicing with us when the latter won. You just can't help but be proud of being a Filipino and savor the moment while our flag was hoisted.

As for Manny, well he's definitely the Pound for Pound king and there's no question to that. He's just amazing whenever he fights--blinding speed, dynamic and powerful punches, and the rest of the characteristics that a world caliber boxer should possess--he's got it all. With everything he's been through during his trainings, he deserves every fame, wealth, and respect that's been showered to him.

His triumph did not only disproved criticisms that he put his boxing career on the backseat because of too many commercials and other commitments he's engaged in showbizness, his latest triumph also meant that whatever disaster that will strike this nation or whatever issues that may seem to divide us we are still solid and united. I hope we should remain united even when Manny retires. I hope.

Congratulations our dear Manny for making a history on your seventh title and thank you for making us proud again. I hope to see the same Manny again fighting against the Pretty boy soon.

A Post For Noriel Bajor Jr.

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(from right to left: Me, Paul Denver Sy, Junrell aka Bong, Jay-Ar aka Bea, and Noriel.)

It has been said that "friends come and go, but for the precious few, you should hold on".

Last time, we surprised him with a despidida party during one of the meetings of the staffers in the publication. And truly, if I may base this from his reaction, he was indeed surprised to hear our special messages and acknowledgments for him. He was even teary eyed.

This post is supposedly for Noriel only but I know that once I get this post published, everyone can read. So I should be introducing him to you. He is Noriel Bajon Jr.--a blogger, a friend, a colleague, an adviser, a very talented guy, a course mate, and a very wonderful person--as in walang masamang tinapay sa kanya and he can wear any hat anytime and he could handle it very well.

He was a sophomore Mascom stude while I was a freshman when I got to know him . However, although we were course mates, we did not become close instantly because he was still a bit timid then, not until we both decided to join in the college student paper. Since then, I saw him transformed into a lively, jolly, and confident individual with overflowing talent and ceaseless energy.

Every time he enters the office and sees the low shoulders of the staffers, just one joke and he would send everyone laughing out loud effortlessly. He is an inborn comedian. But aside from that, what I admire him most is the way he deals with people around him. He is definitely a debonair--a friend to everybody. For four long years that I've known him, I couldn't say anything bad against him.

But just last month, he finally graduated which would also mean he has to leave the publication because a job is also waiting for him in Bacolod. I know he would be a big loss to us, but I understand we all have limited time in the university. Sooner or later, we would all be graduating and leave the publication at once. Anyhow, we know that our friendship is not limited to the publication alone, nor will it end when one leaves. On the other hand, we know that it would be continuous despite the distance and so we are holding to that.

Perhaps I, like everyone else in TN, am not yet accustomed to the thought that he will no longer be there to cheer us, he would no longer be there to perform for us, and he would no longer be there to let me borrow his laptop and play plants vs zombies or watch movies all night.

Bon Voyage! Hapit na pod mi, one more sem to go! :)


As we bid farewell to one of the members of our family in the publication, it is truly never easy especially that he was one good soul and a very wonderful person. But on a positive side, we are happy for him because I know that this is what he wanted. Basta, we will miss you Noh and thank you for everything. Kung idol ko nmo, mas idol tikaw Noh. Godspeed and do well in your career. See you at the big one!

Back to school fever...

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After enjoying a few days of vacation brought about by the semestral break, it's back to school again. It is high time again to hurdle another semester full of school works--assignments, quizzes, projects, etc. It is high time again to get frustrated with our no-show teachers who would teach us nothing with our major subjects.

And speaking of subjects, it's a good thing that my remaining subjects this semester are all major subjects. In other words, no longer will I be worried with my arts subjects because I'm saying goodbye to them all.

I could still remember my tender years in the university where my prospectus is loaded with arts subjects--Social Sciences, Filipino, English, PE, and Math--my least favorite. Modesty aside, although I got high grades with my Math subjects and that I'm proud to say that I learned more in this subject compared to my secondary years, I still don't like this subject much. Perhaps, dealing with numbers isn't just my forte that is why I end up taking Mass Communication.

Nonetheless, I have a feeling I'm not the only one who seem allergic with Mathematics. I would presume that a lot of students also find difficulty with this subject. Well, they could not blame us because Math is Math and you can't argue with that. If you can't understand it then you can't understand it, unless you get a tutor and seek for a little help.

It's absolutely true, maybe you just need a tutor to help you understand the principles of Math especially with your Algebra lessons. However, you may find it awkward also to hire a tutor who is a complete stranger to you and let him/her come to your place. The good news is that, you don't have to stick with this conventional way of tutoring anymore if you find it inconvenient for you.

Like they said, we are now living in what they call 'Computer Age'. Truly, we can now do a lot of things through the help of our computer. Even online tutoring has also become pervasive in the internet today. This means you can now get Algebra help without leaving your computer. Just surf the net and you can find many sites that offer online tutoring. One of these tutoring companies is TutorVista where they offer 24/7 online tutoring.

With this contemporary way of tutoring where you can have it anytime and anywhere so long as you have internet connection, seeking math answers for your math problems or any other math word problems and algebra word problems should now be more convenient for you. Topics such as Quadratic Equations and others should not worry you anymore, thanks to algebra 2 help.

But anyway, I'm just so happy I already passed my college algebra and trigonometry. :)