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What if...?

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I have just watched "The Invention of Lying" which starred Ricky Gervais and my favorite Jennifer Garner. It was a romantic comedy film, but there's nothing more I could really share with you guys regarding the movie--just see for yourself.

I was just struck by the idea or of the situation that was brought to the big screen. What if nobody knows how to lie? What if everybody tells the truth however offensive it may be? What if lying was not discovered? And who discovered it by the way? What if the world is entirely different from the way we know it? Is it possible?

Well I don't have the answer either but I have a hindsight of it. If everyone tells the truth, then probably, many would find this post dull, a complete trash, and other related criticisms. Or, maybe I don't really mean talking about this "lying" crap, rather, I just want to benefit from the end part of this post (ie. to update my blog).

Yeah, we could all become harsh with our words if it's true anyway. We could freely say that one is fat, or thin, or ugly, or incompetent, and so on. Perhaps one could honestly say what he feels towards his opposite sex?

Above all, we will all rejoice because we won't have corrupt politicians. Now that should have been a better Earth, isn't it? However, we all know that this will forever remain a wishful thinking.

Hanggang what if na lang tayo ano?

out of melancholy

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It's at times like this
that I assess the value of my existence

When nothing but a solitary silhouette,
a recorded mellow voice imprisoned in a box
and an undisturbed silence
make up your surrounding

When kins and friends are beyond reach
that you notice every pebble,
hear every cricket,
and consider every attempt to stop breathing

Well, how do you handle,
a fragile and drowning emotion
that's pulling you down to the moist of the earth?

And then a soliloquy...

How was I living...
Is it really a life I'm living...
Is it worth living...

Perhaps, I should get a life first.


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Before anything else, it's good to be posting again after being idle for quite a long time. Well, if we only have internet connection in the office these past days, I should have updated this blog religiously. But thank God I got no calls and by all means I could utilize my time updating this blog while at work. :)

Anyway, just a few more days and we will have to bid farewell to 2009 and welcome another year. But more than our anticipation to the entrance of 2010, another thing we must highly anticipate is the forthcoming presidential elections. Mainly because whatever its outcome becomes, it shall, directly or indirectly, affect not only our individual lives but most especially our entire nation. The outcome of the creeping elections shall determine the fate of us Filipinos. So it is only proper that we should all be participative in choosing the right people that would lead us as the years unfold. And if there's any sector that needs to heed this call seriously, it should be us--the YOUTH.

At this early, I believe that most of us already have bets amongst the presidentiables right? However, I think it is noteworthy that we should set standards for those candidates whom we should be entrusting our votes. I mean this is not the time to just apathetically say "Bahala na si Batman". We cannot afford to be indifferent because we are talking here of our collective future. We should elect a leader whom we believe is apt for the position.

So how do we choose the right leader then? Well, I don't know that much but I think we don't need to ask the soul of the late Ernie Baron just to be enlightened, right? You have to have a solid basis. By saying that, it means you have to track their records, their credentials, personalities, integrity, skills, intelligence, and others. Hindi pwede yung ibubuto mo na lang si ganito kasi feel mo lang. I know it is our Constitutional right to vote, pero kung ganun din lang ang magiging basihan mo sa pagbuto, or worst kung suhol din lang ang basihan mo sa pagbuto, wag na lang.

In this connection, it is vital to watch various presidential forums because they are few of the avenues for us to filter the right people to become our next chief executive. An example of this was the recent Presidential Forum organized by ANC. I don't intend to influence your choice, but lemme just share my views of the said forum after watching it.

Among the presidentiables who participated in the forum, I could cut down my list to only three candidates of which I will include Senators Noynoy, Gordon, and Sec. Gibo. For me, only the three of them standout from the rest of the candidates. Well, I have always considered Noy and Gibo in my list but after watching the forum, I was convinced that Gordon also deserves the position like the two. I won't go elaborating my reasons here, rather I want you guys to see the forum and decide for yourself. Although it shouldn't be the sole basis for our selection, it helps greatly. Again, I'm calling to the electorate, especially to my fellow youth, to participate in the coming elections and vote intelligently.