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I'm Back. I'm Sorry.

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Please allow me to start this entry by asking apologies for my long absence in blogosphere. I’m so sorry guys. I know I’m guilty. I can’t find good reasons so I won’t dare say an alibi. It’s not that I do not have plans of posting blog entries anymore; in fact, I had composed some for the past weeks but none of them were posted on my site. Again all I have are lame excuses. I cannot justify my shortcomings. I didn’t even have the time to visit my site as well. The more I prolonged my absence, the more I found myself detached from the world that has given me the privilege of interacting with wonderful people like you guys. And I’m working on it so I would be back in full swing again. I love blogging and I believe I still have the passion in me to continue it.

With the same humility, I would like to thank those persons who encouraged me to update my blogsite and be back for good. I won’t go mentioning names anymore. I just have to say thank you for the visit and the greetings. I hope I would be able to update my site and interact with you again as frequent as before. It’s good to be back. I missed you guys.

Hahaha. Sa lahat ng naka-miss sa akin, salamat ng marami guys, tats na tats ako. At dun naman sa hindi, ok lang kasi di ko rin kayo na-miss. Lols. Basta naniniwala akong “We are bloggers and therefore we should be blogging.” Mabuhay!