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My 91st!

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This should be another update post, but I'm lost for words. Whether this is because I haven't been writing for quite sometime, I don't know. I'm certain of one thing though: Being out of the academe has rusted my brain. Not that I'm dumb now, coz I have always been. But there are things I'm confident of doing then that I can't do now anymore. Blogging should top the list. Maybe I just need time and practice to regain my composure and confidence. I should be fine. We should be fine. Have a good one!

On new plans

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Guess I have become much too busy in the past months with my work in the office and my work from home that I forgot my regular dental check up. It’s been around four months now since my last check up, so I should be hitting my dentist’s clinic any time soon. But this means another spending too. Much as I’d love to avail of the free dental service our company offers, I don’t think it is a good idea if I am to consider feedbacks I got from my colleagues.

I already have my life insurance. And I believe it’s high time now I should mull over medical plan, health plan, and so on. At any rate, let the spending begin.