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Escape to Siquijor

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This post is a bit late already because the adventures we had actually took place more than a month ago. But since I was still a lost blogger that time, I wasn’t able to post it thereafter.

With my newly-renovated site and with my gusto back on its pinnacle again, it’s only proper for me to start posting the things I have in mind before I totally lose track of them all.

These are actually pictures of our escapade in the beautiful island of Siquijor. We’ve been there for three days to shoot our documentary project that tackles on the mysteries enveloping the island. That’s actually a requirement in one of our major subjects in the university.

It was really tiresome for we have to climb mountains just to interview people who are believed to be doing the so called sorcery or kulam or barang. Not to mention the fears we had because of the creepy things we experienced firsthand. Likewise, the trip was kinda expensive for we have to worry about our food, fare, dvds, and of course a place where we could stay.

But above it all, there was so much fun, though we’re only five in the group. It also gave us the chance to unwind and escape from the stress we have been bearing since the semester started. (Sobrang demanding na kaya ng course namin, kung alam nyo lang. Buti na lang may mga ganitong chance kasi kahit papano nakakarelaks kami at timeout muna sa naiwang assignments)

If given the chance to do it again, I won’t have second thought. (Go pa rin ako!) For now, I can’t say yet if we have really gotten what we need for we are still editing the video materials we gathered. Nevertheless, I’m positive na magiging maganda naman yung istoryang gagawin namin. Iaa-upload ko agad dito when we’re done.

In the meantime, here are some of the pictures of our Siquijor escapade.


Sakay ng motorsiklong inarkila pa namin ay tumungo kami sa bayan ng San Antonio kung saan daw nakatira ang ilan sa mga bantog na mambabarang o mangkukulam sa isla. Syempre kelangan namin silang makapanayam!

Sa wakas ay narating din namin ang kweba kung saan ginagawa ni Mang Jose ang kanyang pagkukulam.

Ito yung bungong ginagamit ni Mang Jose sa kanyang pambabarang.

Ito yung damit at nasa ilalim naman yung tsinelas na pag-aari ng kanyang binarang. Kwento pa niya na isa sa mga paraan niya e pinapausokan niya yung gamit ng ipinapabarang sa kanya kasama nung gamit niyang bungo.

Ang susunod na dalawang larawan naman ay ang kuha mula sa interview kay Manong Peri, isang shaman (mananambal).

Ito naman yung kuha mula sa aktwal na pagriritwal ni Manong Tuting ng kanyang barang (sorcery).

Di naman siguro siya sinapian no? Wag kayong mag-alala, kagrupo ko yan, si Bea. Mahilig lang talaga siyang gumawa ng eksena. In fairness, pwede tong pose na 'to. Tingin nyo?

Alam kong sUper hULi na peRu ihahaboL ko pa riN to paRa kay miSs yANaH...

Sa nalalapit mong pag-uwi, naway maging maayos ang lahat.

a new beginning

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I have been inactive in blogosphere for weeks now. I still can’t find an excuse, I just suddenly ran out of passion. I don’t know…I mean, I love blogging and I love the people here.

But lately, I can no longer feel the same enthusiasm I had before. I found myself gradually detaching from this world where I met interesting and loving people, despite the varying interest and intellect.

I realized that the lesser I make a post, the more I become distant from you. So I decided to renovate my site and eyed for another start. I hope that this new home will inspire to me become an active blogger again and rekindle the fire I once have.

I already missed the people here and I can’t wait to be interacting with you again guys.
Sana lang meron pa akong babalikan. At sana tuloy-tuloy na ‘to.