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Random Thoughts

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This post has no particular topic. There's just too many thoughts running in my mind at the moment, so I guess I should just mention them one by one.


* I was so happy yesterday coz I was able to catch up with the college friends although it was quite a restricted reunion coz we only had a conference call. It wasn't an ideal reunion, but it was satisfying though. Everybody was just so excited to hear each other's voice and boast his/her life's buzzes. Although we only talked thru phone, the fun still overflowed. As in it was so much fun conversing with them. There isn't really a replacement for them notwithstanding the new friends I found at my workplace. Still nothing can replace them in my heart.


* I just realized that this is now my sixth week as a copyeditor trainee. I only have to hurdle eight more weeks to finish the training. After that it's up to the company whether to hire me and my co-trainees. Good luck to us then!


* I paid a visit at the publication office the other day and I was very glad to see the again faces of my TN family. It had only been weeks but a lot of things unbeknownst to me had already happened. Well not particularly pertaining to the publication but to the people I am close with. It saddened me to learn that one has to go, but I think it's only proper. On the other hand, there is this one member whose narcissism has gone out of cage. I hope he, for the Love of God, would change before everyone gets mad at him.


* I chatted with my cousin from the US and she said she's going to give me her laptop computer when she arrives home early next year. Although it's still such a long time but it's better to have something to expect. Yipee!

I think this will do for now. I don't have time anymore to extend this post. Bye for now bloggers. Ciao!

another fuss

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I hate to fall into this deception once again. However, much as I try to suppress this budding attraction I'm feeling towards the opposite sex, I can only try much. You don't have a slightest hint how you always cross my mind. I wonder if I ever crossed yours, I'm not hoping though. Sigh. If only I were as insensitive as most people think I am, I wouldn't have to fuss on this issue. It's just too hard to deal with this special feeling especially if you know very well that the feeling isn't going somewhere--especially if you know very well that you'll get nothing but excruciating pain in return. Well I just can't fight this emotion anymore no matter how I feign. I'm not even buying it myself. I guess I cannot but let it flow freely.

a real quickie!

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A week after the historic full-blown automated national and local elections in Juan dela Cruz's nation, we are now practically still facing surprises brought about by the turnout of events. Well it isn't much of a surprise to know that the overly popular Sen. Noynoy is now nesting on the top spot of the presidential race. No doubt he can now stretch on a couch and listen to the ticking of the clock while he's waiting for the poll agency to officially pronounce him as the incoming president and successor of unpopular PGMA. What surprised me though is the fact that much of the votes were shared by Noy and Erap--like who would have thought? I dunno...I'm just surprised. For now, I can't stretch this post anymore coz my shift's almost over and the next agent is now here. ciao!

Halalan 2010!

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The time has come for us Filipinos to show our solidarity again. In this crucial time for our country, let us all unite and advocate for a clean and peaceful national and local elections. Let us use this significant event to show to the world that we Filipinos are responsible citizens. In spite of our divided political views, let us be united in one advocacy--that is to practice our constitutional right to vote. Let us tell the world that we aren't apathetic nor indifferent citizens. Show them we care for each other and for our future especially that of our nation.

Today, rise and shine early and proceed to your respective polling precincts. Make sure to cast your votes and persuade others to do the same. Make an extra effort also to survey your environment and report to authorities any election related irregularities you might notice. Our responsibility does not end after shading our ballots. It is equally important that we see to it that our votes, together with the votes of the rest of our countrymen, are counted truthfully. Let us not allow dirty politicians to use their money and buy people who'll try to manipulate election results in favor of their selfish aims. Our nation needs our cooperation now more than ever, and we are oblige to heed to this because whatever transpires in this elections, we are all directly affected.

Let me reiterate my point. It doesn't matter whom you're going to give your vote, as long as you are directed by your conscience and not by money (I'm referring to vote buying here), you are on the right path. Having said all these, lemme say good luck to all of us. Let's just all pray that everything will turn out fine. Good day!


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Today is a special day for one of the special persons in our life--our mother. Let us utilize this occasion to thank them, to tell them how much we love and care for them, to apologize for whatever mistakes and/or insults and/or disappointments we have caused them, and to pay tribute to them in our own simple ways. It can be a lavish surprise party, an expensive gift, or just the simplest thing one can do to make them feel special on this very day. In fact, one doesn't have to force one's self just to buy a present for her because a simple I LOVE YOU coupled with a tight and prolong hug to go with sweet kisses will be more than enough gestures to make them feel the essence of Mother's day.

As for me, I still don't have a fixed plan as to how I'm going to surprise my mom. She asked me to buy her an ice cream the other day but I just shrugged. To make it up to her, I think I will have to surprise her today with an ice cream while saying my greetings, whacha think? It might be very simple but I'm pretty sure it would mean a lot to her especially that I don't give her presents often. This time, it's really the thought that counts. So Imma have to stick to this idea and buy a gallon of ice before I go home this morning. I just hope the ice cream won't become a soup when I arrive home considering that I'd still have to travel for at least 30 minutes. :)

Ma, you may not be the perfect mother--as we are not the perfect children--but your overflowing and unconditional love for us is more than enough replacement to whatever imperfections you possess. And for that we, all of your children, will be forever thankful for having you as our mother. If God will give us privilege to choose our desired mother, we will still unanimously handpick you over anyone else. We, at least I, could not just ask for anybody else.

Happy Mother's Day Ma. I can't be sure whether you will have the chance to read this someday, but if you do, please remember that I always love you and that will be in perpetuity. I'm sorry for my stubbornness, laziness, my being disrespectful sometimes, and for whatever pains and inconveniences I've brought you, please forgive me. Bear in mind that you are a wonderful mother and you will always be one of my precious few possessions. I don't have much in life ma, but for as long as you're with me (and our family of course), I feel so rich. :)

To all the mothers out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. To all the children, please pay tribute to your moms because if not for them, you will not exist in this world. Go ahead and hug your mom. Also, don't forget to tell her how much you love her. :)

losing control

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Some say earning a college degree is difficult. Others say the same on finding a job after graduation. I'd say they're all right--absolutely right!

For me, however, there is still a more difficult job than the aforementioned statements. It's on deciding what direction of life one should take after long years of academic journey. Granted that going to school does not come easy nor does it come cheap, but under the auspices of one's parents, coupled with one's diligence and backed by perseverance it can be hurdled. Then, joining the labor force thereafter may be challenging, especially if you get rejected couple of times. Just don't give up and always put your best foot forward; sooner of later, you'll get a job.

Deciding what path to take in life is another story. One might be overconfident of their plans while still at school, but I'm telling you, with myriad uncontrollable circumstances lurking in every outskirt, life may turn out upside down leaving you dumbfounded and unable to take grip of it no more. You don't have to like it though coz that's just the beauty of life. Nothing's certain. Everything's temporary. Worse is, it comes with no signal and catches us off-guard oftentimes. Once it struck you, you won't anymore be sure of your every decision. And that's what happened to me. I was so sure then of my life's itinerary. But now, I'm only comporting to the situation I chose to engage. If I only resorted to impulsive decision, this life now would have been different although I can't be sure if it's negative or positive.