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Feels like insomnia...aahhh

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Are you sleepy, are you sleepy brother John?

Does anybody here know any song that induces drowsiness? Darn so frustrated about getting a good sleep even for a day. Seems like all these late-at-night rackets I've done and have been doing for years now all backfire on me. Just when my firewall is down. Tsk!

How I envy those who close their eyes and head to the dreamland in a second, regardless of their position. Whereas here I am laying comfortably in my bed, fan on, lights dim, yet struggling to sleep. I just hate this kind of torture.

I have had solicited some pieces of advice from the most educated friends I've known to my drunkard neighbors. They say I should take a long shower before I go to bed to remove stress, or drink a glass of warm milk, or take a shot or two. There's also this mind-over-matter thing. But none of these seem to work for me. Shall I jog in the wee hours and exhaust my energy til I barely move a muscle? Or maybe I should cyclically sing this song til I bore my consciousness and let my subconscious sneak in.

Are you sleepy, are you sleep brother John?

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