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He vs. She

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For quite a long time, he has been keeping love at the backseat. In fact, he can’t remember exactly anymore when his last was.

Coincidentally, she has also been containing herself in a similar situation. Love, for her, is found among her friends and loved ones, not from anybody else.

And then chance creeps into the scene, and the two met.

It cost him a lot of balls to risk everything and laid his feelings for her on the table. An unprecedented move, but he did boldly so, and it was all hers for the taking. One thing led to another, and they found themselves liking each other. And so did a beautiful love tree came sprouting.

But not barely an overnight has passed, not before a speck of light had the chance to nurture the tree, fear came marching and stepped over it. Such a drastic event. Such a tragic ending. Poor tree. How beautiful your foliage could have been.

He was taken aback at how transient her feelings are. And she was rocked of the fact that she can’t really free herself from the cage she’s put herself in and at how fear castigates her every time she tries to gamble with love. He has a number of failed relationships as well, but he can only imagine of the magnitude of pain that strangled her hitherto.

She said she realized she’s not really up for a relationship, and she never will be. That she’s happy being single and of the freedom it gives her. That it is better this way because she is spared from the pain, troubles, responsibilities, and so on that go with the relationship.

This makes sense to him, but what about love? What about the good things and good memories they have started and could have continued together? What about the happiness; the sweet messages they exchange before and after sleeping; the romance they get from holding hands; the giggles they conceal out of stolen kisses; and the fact that he cares for her, thinks of her, and adores her? And the list could go on…

Now he asks himself: What is there to be so afraid of? Being in a relationship doesn’t mean freedom is to be curtailed, commitment is to suffocate you, and pain is to kill you. Of course, every relationship has its ups and downs, highs and lows. That’s a no-brainer. But isn’t it torture to suppress yourself of the chance to love just so you are safe? Well being safe is one, but will it make you happy, alone?

She is now embarking on a trip to find herself.

He is now hanging by a thread.

Last thing they told me is they could use all your pieces of advice, so leave some for Mr. He and Ms. She. :)

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